War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0675 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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176. The execution or issue of an unstamped paper will render the party executing or issuing it liable to a penalty of $50. The validity of the paper or instrument itself is also destroyed.

177. When two or more persons join in the execution of an instrument, the stamp to which the instrument is liable under the law may be affixed and canceled by any one of the parties.

178. All questions relating to the payment of expenses connected with the enrollment and draft, or such other duties as provost- marshals shall be called upon to perform, shall be referred to the Provost-Marshal-General, whose decision thereon shall, so far as the War Department is concerned, be final.

179. Each district provost-marshal shall at all times keep himself supplied with a sufficient amount of clothing to uniform such number of recruits, drafted men, and substitutes as may from time to time be called into the military service from his district.

For this purpose he will make timely requisitions on the nearest depot quartermaster, approved by the acting assistant provost- marshal-general of the State or division in which he is serving.

On receipt of clothing invoiced to him the provost-marshal will give duplicate receipts therefor, and conform in other respects to paragraph 1147, Revised U. S. Army Regulations, and will account for the same, as provided by paragraph 1158, same regulations.

Blank clothing returns and receipt rolls will be forwarded to provost-marshals from this office.

Provost-marshals are held strictly responsible at the Treasury of the United States for any and all public property which they receive.

A secure and dry clothing store-room must be selected, and proper care taken of the clothing at all times.

All issues of clothing must be made as prescribed in paragraphs 1151 and 1159 (see Form 52), Quartermaster's Regulations. Particular attention is called to paragraphs 1161, 1162, and 1163, as a strict compliance with them will be enforced.

When a drafted man presents himself at the district headquarters he must at once be put in uniform and supplied with one knapsack, haversack, canteen, and blanket, His citizen's dress must be disposed of by himself. He must also be furnished with one knife, fork, spoon, tin cup, and tin plate. (See paragraph 115, Regulations for the Government of Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau.) These latter articles will be purchased by the provost- marshal, in accordance with Regulations for the Government of the Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau.

180. The following are the monthly reports and returns to be rendered by provost-marshals to the Provost-Marshal-General, viz:

(1) Monthly report of persons employed and property hired (Form 7). Particular attention must be paid to all the requirements of this report, and entries made in accordance with the headings of each column as designated.

(2) Monthly return of public property (Form 8). An abstract of all articles purchased during the month belonging to the Provost- Marshal-General's Bureau (Form 9), sub-vouchers to this abstract (Form 13), being the triplicate copy of voucher for purchase; also abstract of articles expended, &c. (Form 10), must accompany this return. Articles issued to drafted persons, viz, knives, forks, spoons, tin cups,and tin plates, will be so accounted for on the abstract of articles expended (Form 10), giving the number of drafted men and the number of articles issued during the month.