War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0671 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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payment for transportation furnished upon the requisitions during this period will present the original requisitions, properly signed, to the provost-marshal who issued them; if found correct, he will give duplicate vouchers, made out on Form 14, and sign the certificate thereon. The requisitions must, in all cases, accompany the vouchers for payment as sub-vouchers. Accounts for transportation furnished to class I (persons in the military service - see paragraphs 142 and 151) will be forwarded for payment to the nearest disbursing officer of the Quartermaster's Department. Accounts for payment of transportation furnished to class II, and to the persons designated in paragraphs 133, 145, and 146, will be forwarded to the Provost-Marshal-General. When requisitions for transportation are issued by provost-marshal to deputies or special agents (see paragraphs 144-147; Regulations) to go in pursuit, this fact must be entered on the stub of the requisition book, in order that the expense of such transportation, in case the arrest is made, may be charged to the deserter. When the requisition is forwarded with the account for payment, mark on it the fact whether or not deserter was arrested and held to service,and to what general rendezvous turned over.

148. When clothing or other military supplies are sent from arsenals or depots to provost-marshals of Congressional district, the transportation, drayage, and hauling of such supplies, until they are delivered to the provost-marshals, are a proper charge against the appropratiom for the Quartermaster's Department. When expenses are necessarily incurred for such service at stations where there is no officer of the Quartermaster's Department on duty, the accounts therefor, setting forth the object,necessity,and property of the expenditure, will be paid by the nearest disbursing quartermaster, upon the certificate of the provost-marshal of the district where the account originated. At a place where there is an officer of the Quartermaster's Department on duty, the provost-marshal will make requisition upon the quartermaster for the required service, instead of contracting for it himself.


149. Where district headquarters are in cities or elsewhere within reach of any of the regular posts, encampments, or other places provided by the Government or by the public for soldiers,or when moving deserters or other men under his control from one point to another, it is made the duty of the provost- marshal to seek and avail himself of these places of accommodation.

150. In case no place for quartering the men can be had, as prescribed in the preceding paragraph, provost-marshals will make write agreement with some responsible party for lodgings, at a rate---- per day for each man, subject to the approval of the Quartermaster-General. The contract will be made in quintuplicate, accompanied by the contractor's oath of allegiance to the United States, subject to a stamp duty of 5 cents.

151. Lodgings will be obtained from contractors on returns (Form 22), which must be made out by the provost-marshal for each of the following classes separately, viz:

For class I (persons in the military service):

(1) Veteran Reserve Corps.

(2) Drafted men and substitutes.