War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0670 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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allowance will be made to any person (applicant for office) whose appointment has been submitted for approved and "disapproved" by the Provost-Marshal-General, but only to "approved employes," and for the time commencing from the date named in the approval.

140. Employes will be paid, at the end of each calendar month, on receipt rolls (Form 18), in duplicate, which they must sign with their own hands. One person can sign for another only by a power of attorney, a copy of which must, in each case, accompany the signature.

141. When employes are not present at the district headquarters to sign the receipt rolls their accounts may be made out on separate vouchers. (Form 19.)


142. Provost-marshals will, in all cases, when practicable, obtain the necessary transportation by requisition upon the Quartermaster's Department for all persons under their charge in the military service of the United States, class I, including Veteran Reserve Corps, class I, including Veteran Reserve Corps, drafted men, substitutes, and recruits enlisted or mustered in by them (from the place of rendezvous to their regiment or to any general rendezvous established by the War Department), deserters and their guards, and prisoners of war.

143. When it is impracticable to obtain from the Quartermaster's Department transportation as above, it will be procured by the provost-marshal by requisition upon the established lines of communication, and the accounts therefor will be paid by the nearest disbursing officer of the Quartermaster's Department, upon vouchers made out and supported as prescribed in paragraph 147.

144. Provost-marshals will use the printed requisitions for transportation which have been sent to them in book form from this Bureau, and strict compliance with the notions thereon will be required.

145. Provost-marshals, commissioners, surgeons, deputies, and special agents traveling on public duty connected with their respective offices will be allowed the actual, necessary, reasonable expanses of their transportation. The journeys of the commissioners, surgeons, special agents, and deputies must be performed under special written orders from the provost-marshal in each case. The accounts for payment of the necessary expenses of these persons, as above, will be made out on Form 16 and must be accompanied by a copy of the order of the provost-marshal under which the journey was performed and also a detailed statement of the expenses incurred, as sub-vouchers. The affidavit will be made by the persons incurring such expense, as required on said form.

146. Accounts for transportation of provost-marshals, on public duty properly connected with their office, within their respective districts, will be made out on Form 17, and be certified to by them. The necessity for the journey, and the items of expenditure, must be stated in the account; and when the items are numerous, a detailed statement of the same must accompany the voucher for payment, as a subvoucher. A provost- marshal is not allowed to travel beyond the limits of assistant provost-marshal-general.

147. Accounts for payment or transportation furnished upon the requisitions of provost-marshals will be made out as follows, viz: At the end of each month, or sooner if necessary, the persons claiming