War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0668 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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of deserters by these parties, must be made out on Form 16, in duplicate, in the manner prescribed in the preceding paragraph, and be accompanied in each case by the official order under which the expense was created, stating the name, rank, and regiment of each deserter. These accounts must be kept separate from any other expense, and shall be forwarded for payment to the Provost- Marshal- General. If no arrest is made, it must be so stated on each voucher.

129. All contracts which are required by the present regulations to be made in writing shall be made in quintuplicate, two copies of which shall be sent by the officer making and signing the same, as soon as completed, accompanied by the oath of allegiance to the United States, to the chief of the bureau to which the contract relates, one copy to be kept by the contractor,and one by the contracting officer as a retained copy for his own information; the remaining one must be forwarded to the "Returns Office" of the Department of the Interior, at Washington, D. C., within thirty days after the contract is made, together with all proposals, and a copy of any advertisement published by him touching the same; all the papers in relation to each contract to be attached together by a ribbon and seal, numbered in regular order, numerically, according to the number of papers composing the whole return. (See Circular 50, 1863, Provost-Marshal- General's Office, and General Orders, No. 69, 1862, War Department.) These agreements shall expressly provide for their termination at such time as the chief of the bureau to which the contract relates may direct, and for the exclusion of any interest therein on the part of members of Congress, officers or agents of the Government, and all persons employed in the public service. (See Internal-Revenue Tax, Provost-Marshal-General's Regulations.)

130. Provost-marshals will take notice that before any appointee- such as clerk, deputy, special agent, enrolling officer, or any person appointed to any office of honor or profit under this Bureau- can be "entitled to any of the salary or other emoluments thereof," he must subscribe to the oath prescribed by the act of July 2, 1862,and forward the same of file to the Provost-Marshal- General. Blank forms of oath will be forwarded to provost- marshals upon their application for the same to the Provost- Marshal-General.

131. In addition to the oath above mentioned, the following will be required from enrolling officers, viz:

Sworn and subscribed to before me, this --- day of ---, 186-;

and --- ---, above named, at the same time, before me made oath that he would faithfully and without partiality, favor, or affection, perform all the duties of his office as enrolling officer of the sub-district to which he is appointed under an act of Congress approved March 3, 1863, and that he will obey all lawful instructions of the Board of Enrollment.

--- ---.


--- ---.

132. Vouchers for the authorized purchases of public property (Form 13), made by provost-marshals for the use of the Provost- Marshal- General's Bureau will be made outing quadruplicate. Two copies (the original and duplicate) will be sent for payment to the Provost-Marshal-General; the triplicate copy will accompany the abstract of purchases to the "monthly return of public property." The remaining one (the quadruplicate copy) will be kept on file by the provost-marshal in his office, with the retained abstract of purchases. The receipts will be omitted on the triplicate and quadruplicate copies. Vouchers for all other expenses will be made out in duplicate.