War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0667 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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(3) Subsistence of civil prisoners while at the rendezvous, and of citizen guards, when their employment has been authorized.

(4) Transportation of all drafted men from place of residence to rendezvous,and from rendezvous to place of residence, except to those furnishing substitutes. (See paragraphs 133, 134, Regulations Provost-Marshal-General's Bureau.)

(5)Knives, forks, spoons, tin cups, and tin plates for drafted men or subsistence.

(6) Pay of employes, when their employment has been authorized, and the appointment and rates of compensation have been approved by the Provost-Marshal-General.

(7) Actual, necessary, and reasonable expenses incurred in the pursuit or arrest and delivery of deserters by the authorized agents of provost-marshals.

(8) Advertising in (not to exceed two) newspapers, in the city or district, the authorized notice, &c., concerning the draft, and for furnishing subsistence and lodging.

(9) Lodgings for guards (citizens) and prisoners (citizens).

124. All official communications relating to the Provost-Marshal- General's Bureau must be addressed to the Provost-Marshal-General of the United States. The envelopes should be marked "Official Business," and under these words the branch to which the contents relate should be stated, as follows, viz: Disbursements, Payment of Employes (see paragraph 130), Purchases Public Property, Rent, Transportation (see paragraphs 123, 132, 147, 148), Postage, Telegrams, Advertising, Subsistence, Lodging for Class II (see paragraphs 121, 152, 163, 166 to 170, Regulations), Blanks, Deserters, Enrollment, Veteran Reserve Corps, &c.; then the official written signature (name printed on the envelope is not sufficient). Accounts, returns, and reports (except tri-monthly reports) must be accompanied by a latter of transmittal, enumerating them, and relate to no other subject.

125. All copies of papers to accompany letters or accounts should be certified by the provost-marshal as "true copies."

126. Vouchers to accounts for reimbursement must be supported by the properly receipted original bills of expenditure as sub- vouchers. The sub-vouchers shall be rendered to the provost- marshal and be examined by him. If found reasonable and correct, vouchers, (Form 19) shall be made out and certified to, in the manner prescribed for other accounts. When it is impossible to obtain receipts to subvouchers, the claimant must make affidavit that the amounts claimed for reimbursement were actually and necessarily expended by him in the public service, and that it was impossible to obtain sub-vouchers thereof. When a provost- marshal claims reimbursement, the affidavit may be omitted; but when it is impossible to obtain receipts to sub-vouchers, it must be so stated in the certificate to the account.

127. Accounts for the reward authorized for the arrest of a deserter, and his delivery to the nearest district provost- marshal, must be made out, in duplicate, on Form 21, stating rank, company, and regiment to which the deserter belonged, and be duly certified to by the provost-marshal, and shall be presented or transmitted to the nearest disbursing officer of the Quartermaster's Department for payment.

128. Provost-marshals, their deputies and salaried special agents, and commissioned officers, are not entitled to the authorized reward for the apprehension and delivery of deserters. Vouchers for the payment of actual, reasonable, and necessary expenses incurred (board and lodging excluded), connected with the apprehension and delivery