War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0666 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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names of the persons for whom the expenditure was made. Vouchers for services rendered must also specify the commencement and end of the period for which the expense was incurred,and must state whether both days are inclusive. In case the expenditure is for officers or enlisted men, the company and regiment to which each belongs must also be specified. If the names be numerous, a separate list of them should accompany the voucher.

115. Vouchers must,in all cases, be accompanied by the receipt of the party to whom payment is made. No account will be paid by the disbursing officer unless the receipts are properly signed.

116. The receipts to vouchers and sub-vouchers must be signed, when practicable, by a principal, or be accompanied by a power of attorney. When this is not practicable, the provost-marshal will add to his own certificate a statement that the agent is duly authorized to sign the receipt.

117. The certificates on the vouchers must be signed by the provost-marshal, and the vouchers, in duplicate, shall be immediately transmitted for payment to the proper disubring officer.

118. When an individual makes "his mark," instead of signing his name to the receipt,it must be witnessed by a third person.

119. When, there being no commissioned medical officer present, it is necessary to employ a physician, the provost-marshal will apply to the nearest medical director, who will, upon such application, enter into contract with a suitable person. All such contracts must conform strictly to paragraphs 1304 to 1308, inclusive, Revised Army Regulations, 1863.

120. Hereafter accounts for medical attendance will not be allowed, unless in accordance with the regulations above cited.

NOTES.- Medical attendance is furnished by the Medical Department to officers and their authorized servants, to all enlisted men in service, to drafted men after acceptance by examining board, and to the authorized number of laundresses.

Attendants or nurses for post hospitals are detailed from the command. Contract nurses are not allowed.

121. Except as authorized in the regulations or orders from the office of the Provost-Marshal-General, provost-marshals shall not incur expenditures for printing or advertising without the previous sanction of the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, through whom all accounts for such expenses must be forwarded for his approval or disapproval.

To each voucher for notices inserted in newspapers or posters, a copy of the notice or poster will be appended. The name of the newspaper, publisher, or firm, the place where published, the dates between which inserted, the rate per square or line for first and subsequent insertions, and if by the square, the number of lines counted as such, must be stated in the vouchers.

122. Vouchers, to accounts which are to be paid by the Provost- Marshal-General's Bureau shall be made out in duplicate, and be forwarded to the Provost-Marshal-General.

123. Expenses which may properly be incurred for the Provost- Marshal-General's Department are as follows:

(1) Rent of office for district provost-marshals, of rendezvous, and of store-room for clothing for drafted men or substitutes,when authorized by the Provost-Marshal-General.

(2) Purchase of necessary fuel, light, stationery, blank books, and furniture for offices of the district provost-marshals.