War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0664 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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(7) Whether he has a sufficient number of teeth to conform to the requirements of section 20, paragraph 85.

(8) Whether his chest is ample and well formed, in due proportion to his height, an with power of full expansion.

(9) Whether there is any organic disease of the heart.

(10) Whether there is any organic disease of the liver or spleen, and the rectum and anus are free from disqualifying diseases.

(11) Whether the spermatic cords and testes are free from diseases which would impair his efficiency,and whether he has any rupture.

(12) Whether there is any organic disease of the kidney or bladder, or permanent stricture of the urethra.

(13) Whether his physical development is sufficiently good, and whether he is free from developed tuberculosis, scrofula, and secondary syphilis, so as to leave no doubt of his capacity for military service; and whether he is epileptic, imbecile, or insane.

Many of the physical defects above mentioned are insufficient to disqualify for military service. In determining whether the man is fit or unfit for service the Board must be governed by the list of diseases and infirmities enumerated in paragraph 85.

96. The substitute whom any drafted person is authorized to furnish must be presented to the Board of Enrollment; and it shall be the duty of the Board to examine him, and, if accepted, to place his name on the book of persons drafted, with explanatory remarks. His name will then be transcribed on the descriptive rolls of men called into service.

97. Substitutes must be in every respect suitable for the military service, which shall be determined by the Enrolling Board in the manner prescribed for examining recruits.

98. Every substitute, after being examined and approved by the Enrolling Board, shall enlist in the service of the United States. (From 39.)

99. Anhave so enlisted,and reported to the provost-marshal for duty, the Board shall give the person who has furnished the substitute a certificate of exemption. (Form 30 1/2.)

100. Every substitute,who shall have enlisted and reported to the provost-marshal, shall be held subject to all pains and penalties for desertion or other offenses, in the same manner as other soldiers, and the person who has furnished the substitute shall not be responsible for the acts of the substitute committed after he shall have enlisted and reported to the provost-marshal for duty, as required in the preceding paragraph,unless it be discovered that at date of enlistment of such substitute he was a deserter from the land or naval forces of the United States,or that he had procured exemption from the draft by fraud,in which case the principal will be required to furnish another substitute or be held liable to draft, as not represented in the service of the United States.

101. In case the Board should, after notice to the party, proceed to reconsider its action, and should set aside its former judgment, and annul the certificate of exemption granted, the certificate of exemption having been thus vacated, the party's original liability under the draft remains.

102. All persons who may be drafted, and who desire to present substitutes, shall give notice in writing to the Board of Enrollment that on such a day they will present a substitute, giving his name, residence, age, and stating whether he is an alien or citizen, and whether he is liable to draft.