War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0662 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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(25) Old and ulcerated internal hemorrhoids, if in degree sufficient to leave no doubt of the man's unfitness for military service. External hemorrhoids are no cause for exemption.

(26) Total loss, or nearly total loss, of penis; epispadias or hypospadia at the middle or near the root of the penis.

(27) Incurable permanent organic stricture of the urethra,in which the urine is passed drop by drop,or whid by disease of the bladder; urinary fistula. Recent or spasmodic stricture of the urethra does not exempt.

(28) Incontinence of urine is not, of itself, a cause for exemption. Stone in the bladder, ascertained by the introduction of the metallic catheter, is a positive disqualification.

(29) Confirmed or malignant sarcocele; hplicated with organic disease of the testicle. Varicocele is not, in itself, disqualifying.

(30) Loss of hand or foot.

(31) Wounds which would manifestly incapacitate the man for military service; muscular or cutaneous contractions from wounds or burns, or tumors, which would prevent marching, or otherwise manifestly incapacitate the man for military service.

(32) Fractures,irreducible dislocations or anchylosis of the large joints, or chronic diseases of the joints or bones, that would prevent marching, or otherwise unfit the man for military service.

(33) Total loss of writh thumb; loss of ungual phalanx of right thumb; total loss of any two fingers of same hand; loss of the first and second phalanges of all the fingers of right hand. Permanent extension or permanent contraction of two fingers of right hand; all the fingers adherent or united.

(34) Clubfeet; total loss of a great toe. Other permanent defects or deformities of the feet, such as will necessarily prevent marching.

(35) Varicose veins of inferior extremities, if large and numerous and accompanied with chronic swellings or ulcerations.

(36) Chronic ulcers; extensive, deep, and adherent cicatrices of lower extremities.

86. No limits of stature are established for drafted men beyond which they shall be exempted from military service. The matter of stature should be considered by the Board only in the general examination as to the physical fitness of the man for military service.

87. Immediately upon the completion of the draft in any district, the surgeon of the Board of Enrollment therein will compile and forward to this office the statistics of the causes of exemption on account of pl disability from such draft in his district. (From 55.) This report will be accompanied by a detailed statement of such other facts as may be of scientific importance to the medical profession. He will, in addition thereto, forward to this office a trimonthly report of drafted men rejected for physical or mental disability. This report will giver examined and the total number rejected under each paragraph of the above list of disqualifying infirmities, and also the number for each distinct infirmity in the different sections of paragraph 85, together with a list of the different diseases or infirmities for which he has rejected drafted men under section 9, paragraph 85.

He will also keep a record of all persons he may examine, taking brief notes of their disabilities, and the result of his examination.

This record is for future reference, and will doubtless contain many facts of scientific importance to the medical profession.