War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0660 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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time for which such substitute shall not be liable to draft, not exceeding the time for which such substitute shall have been accepted. The non-liability to draft of the substitute offered, and the length of time which such non-liability will continue, must be proved to the Board.

76. Any person after being drafted may, before the time fixed for his appearance for duty at the rendezvous, furnish an acceptable substitute. (See paragraphs 96 to 106.)

77. The acts for enrolling and calling out the national forces, &c., provide: That the following persons be, and they are hereby, excepted and acempt from the provisions of these acts, and shall not be liable to military duty under the same, to wit: Such as are rejected as physically or mentally unfit for the service; and all persons actually in the military or naval service of the United States at the time of the draft; and all persons who have served in the military or naval service two years during the present war,and been honorably discharged. No person but such as are herein exempted shall be exempt.

78. Separate enrollment lists shall be made of all slaves enrolled, according to Form 35.

79. Any drafted man who is a mariner or able or ordinary seaman may,within eight days after being drafted, make application, personally or by letter, to the Board of Enrollment for permission to enlist in the naval service.

80. The Board of Enrollment will furnish such applicants for enlistment in the Navy with a certificate that they have been drafted, stating the time and place.

81. The applicant for enlistment in the Navy will present the certificate to the naval officer commanding the rendezvous at which he enlists in the Navy, with proof that he is a seaman or ordinary seaman required by law.

82. The naval officer commanding the rendezvous, after the applicant has enlisted and been received, will send to the provost-marshal a certificate that the drafted man has been enlisted in the Navy.

83. The Board of Enrollment will, upon receipt of this certificate, exempt the drafted man,and render a report upon the weekly abstract of exemptions.

84. The character and amount of evidence requisite to decide questions of exemption must be determined by the Board of Enrollment in accordance with section 19 of the amendatory act approved February 24, 1864.

85. The following diseases, and infirmities are those which disqualify for military service, and for which only drafted men are to be "rejected as physically or mentally unfit for the service," viz:

(1) Manifest mental imbecility.

(2) Insanity. This includes well-established recent insanity, with liability to a recurrence.

(3) Epilepsy. For this disability the statement of the drafted man is insufficient,and the fact must be established by the duly attested affidavit of a physician in good standing, who has attended him in the disease within the six months immediately preceding his examination by the Board; and, in addition thereto, such other evidence as the Board may require.

(4) Paralysis, general or of one limb, or chorea; their existence to be adequately determined. Decided atrophy of a limb.