War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0659 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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68. On the day of the draft the Board of Enrollment will open the envelope in presence of any who choose to attend,and take the envelope containing the cards of the first sub-district.

These cards will be counted as they are placed in the box or wheel, and must agree with the number on the envelope.

The box should be about one foot wide, one foot deep, and one and a half long, with a lid securely fastened on, and a hole in the lid large enough to admit a man's hand.

If a wheel is used, it should be similar to the wheels used for drawing jurymen.

69. As soon as these preparations are made, it will be announced that the draft for such a number from such a place (naming the subdistrict) will commence; and the provost-marshal,or some trusty person selected by him, will then be blindfolded and draw from the box or wheel a single card, which he will hand to the commissioner, who will read aloud the name and residence on it. The clerk will immediately enter this name on a list previously prepared, opposite No. 1. Thus the draft will continue until the required number of names are drawn. The drawing will then be continued until all the names are drawn, to prove that the pooper names were all in the box or wheel.

70. As the cards are drawn, they will be indorsed with a number showing the order in which they were drawn, and a list will be carefully made of the names and residences in the same order.

71. The exact and complete roll of the names of persons drawn in the draft shall be entered by the Board in a book to be kept for that purpose,ruled and headed to correspond with the descriptive roll of drafted men. (Form 33.)

72. The number required to fill the call be taken from this roll, by commencing at the first name, and taking in order, until the required number is obtained, all who are not, by the Board, decided to be excepted and exempt under the law. If the quota shall not be filled by the first draft, further drafts shall be made as soon as it shall appear that the quota is not obtained by the previous draft.

73. The names of the men thus called into service will be entered on "descriptive rolls" (in triplicate), signed by the Board. One copy of this roll will be sent to the Provost-Marshal-General direct, one copy to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, and one will be retained by the provost-marshal.

74. Certified extracts from this descriptive roll shall be made in duplicate by the provost-marshal for every party of drafted men sent off, and sent with the party to the officer to whom the party is to be delivered. One copy is to be retained by this officer, and the other is to be returned, with a receipt for the party, as delivered to him, on the back. The returned copy will be forwarded to the Provost-Marshal-General's Office at the end of each month.

75. The Board shall note on the roll book of drafted men,in the column of remarks opposite each man's name, the disposition made of him - whether called into service and sent to the rendezvous, exempted by the Board, replaced by a substitute, commuted for, deserted, or discharged as not being required.

Any person enrolled may furnish, previous to the draft,an acceptable substitute, who is not liable to draft, nor at the time in the military or naval service of the United States; and such person to furnishing a substitute shall be exempt from the draft during the