War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0658 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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(3) All able-bodied male colored persons between the ages of twenty and forty-five years, resident in the United States (under the provisions of enrollment act of March 3, 1863, and the amendatory act of February 24, 1864).

(4) All persons liable to draft whose names may have been omitted by the proper enrolling officers;all persons who shall have arrived at the age of twenty years before the draft; all persons discharged from the military or naval service of the United States who have not been in such service two years during the present war, an all persons who have been exempted under the provisions of the second section of the enrollment act, but who are not exempted by the provisions of the present act.

60. Poll lists, local records, or other reliable documents may be taken by enrolling officers as evidence that aliens are subject to enrollment under the preceding paragraph.

61. Persons having their legal domicile within any district are not exempt from enrollment therein by reason of temporary absence therefrom. Students in colleges or shoals, teaches, apprentices, sialros, travelers, traveling merchants, and similar classes of citizens, must be enrolled in the district in which they have their respective domiciles.

62. The Board shall require the enrolling officers to judge of the ages of individuals by the best information they can obtain in each case, but always to make a decision as to whether the person in question is subject to enrollment, and if he is, to enroll him accordingly. The Board shall at all proper times hear and decide cases of persons claiming to have their names stricken from the enrollment lists on account of, first, alienage; second, non-residence; third, over age; fourth, permanent physical debility; fifth, persons having served in the military or naval service of the United States two years during the present war, and having been honorably discharged.

63. Whenever any part of the national forces is to be called out, the number of men to come from each district will be announced to the Board through the Provost-Marshal-General,with specific instructions as to the quotas to be assigned to sub-districts.

64. The Board shall make the apportionment according to the subdistrict to be considered, and shall then make drafts on each subdistrict for the number of men required.

65. The Board shall make an exact and complete roll of the names of the persons drafted,and of the order in which they were drawn, so that the first drawn may stand first on the said roll, and the second may stand second, and so on. The draft shall be public, and under the direction of the Board of Enrollment. The name of each person enrolled shall be placed in box or wheel to be provided for the purpose,and some person designated by the provost-marshal (the drawer to be blindfolded) shall draw therefrom one name at a time until the required number is obtained.

66. The names, with the residences,shall be write on cards of uniform size, shape, and color.

67. The cards will then be assorted by sub-districts, verified by comparison with the enrollment lists, and placed in an envelope marked with the number of the sub-district, and the number of cards contained in it, and sealed.

After all the sub-districts have been thus prepared, all the envelopes will be put into one, and sealed up, and put away until the day of the draft.