War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0657 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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51. The accounts for pay will be paid by the Pay Department on the forms furnished by it, to which must be attached the certificate of the provost-marshal of the district as to the identity of the person named, and that he has been "actually employed" during the time charged for.

52. Members of boards of enrollment are forbidden to absent themselves from their duties,or their district, without leave first obtained from the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State, who shall not grant leave of absence for more than five days at any one time without the approval of the Provost- Marshal-General.


53. Boards of enrollment shall meet daily, Sundays excepted, unless otherwise authorized or directed, from time to time, by the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State.

54. For the purpose of enrollment under the provisions of the law, the Board in each district is directed by the Secretary of War to divide the district into sub-districts at the rate of one for each ward of a city, an one for each town, township, prescient, county,or election district of a county, according as the adoption of one or other of these subdivisions will prove most convenient for the execution of the law.

55. Deputies and special agents will be required, in addition to their other duties,to keep up the enrollment, as required by section 6 of the amended act approved February 24, 1864.

If, in addition,enrolling officers become necessary,they may be appointed with the approval of the Provost-Marshal-General, and may be paid not to exceed $3 per diem for the time actually and necessarily employed.

56. The Board will give the enrolling officers all necessary instructions.

57. The Board shall require of each enrolling officer, before he enters on his duties, an oath, duly administered and witnessed, that he will perform faithfully, and without partiality, favor,or affection, all the duties of his office as enrolling officer, and that he will obey all lawful instructions of the Board of Enrollment. (See oath prescribed, paragraph 131.)

58. All persons subject to military duty under the provisions of the act approved March 3, 1863, for enrolling and calling our the national forces, and section 6 of the act approved February 24, 1865, amendatory thereto, shall be enrolled. Their respective places of residence, their ages, as they are at the time of enrollment, and their occupations, respectively, shall be noted.

59. The following must be enrolled:

(1) All able-bodied male citizens of the United States between the ages of twenty and forty-five years, not exempt from military service by law.

(2) All persons of foreign birth, not so exempted,who shall have declared, on oath, their intention to become citizens of the United States under and in pursuance of the laws thereof,and all persons of foreign birth who, though aliens, may have at any time assumed the rights of a citizen by voting at any election held under the authority of the laws of any State or Territory of the United States, or who has held any office under such laws,or any of them.