War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0654 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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all persons so drawn in the draft shall report at the place of rendezvous on the day required by said notice, which shall be within ten days after such notice has been thus served upon them.

26. He shall file with the district attorney of the United States for the district in which the offense shall have been committed, written information, containing a report of the facts against any and all persons within his district who shall have violated section 24 of enrollment act, or sections 21, 22, and 23 of the act amendatory thereof, or any part of the same.

27. He shall arrest and forthwith deliver to the proper civil authorities, to wit, the marshal of the United States within an for the district in which the arrest is made,with written charges in the case, any and all persons who shall have violated section 12 of the act amendatory of the enrollment act, or any part of the same.

28. If a person, with intent to prevent the draft, refuses to give his true name when lawfully requested so to do by an officer whose legal duty it is to ascertain and enrol it, it is an obstruction of that officer in the performance of one of his duties in relation to the draft. So also, of the giving of false names with the same illegal intent, and the offender will in either case be subject to summary arrest by the provost-marshal.

29. It shall be the duty of the provost-marshal to prepare and forward, through the assistant provost-marshal-general for his State, to the Provost-Marshal-General, charges and specifications in due form against the surgeon of the Board of Enrollment in his district, if said surgeon omits any of the duties, or renders himself liable to any of the penalties set forth in section 14 of the enrollment act, and section 25 of the act amendatory thereof.

30. The provost-marshal shall, so far as it may be in his power, make the seizures provided for in section 23 of the enrollment act.

31. Provost-marshals are required to complete all business which may originate in or properly belong to their respective districts, though in doing so they or their deputies or agents may,for the time, be carried within the geographical limits of other districts.

32. To enable provost-marshals to discharge their duties efficiently, they are authorized to call upon the nearest available military force, or on citizens as a posse comitatus,or on U. S. marshals and deputy marshals;and these and all other persons are hereby enjoined to aid the provost-marsha in the execution of his lawful duties when called on so to do.

33. Provost-marshal will report from time to time as to what they deem necessary to secure an efficient performance of the duties required of them,and a complete execution of the law under which they act, giving the names and object of employes proposed.


34. Every possible effort must be made by the provost-marshal to secure the arrest of deserters; he shall see that they are securely held after arrest,and that all deserters arrested by other parties, and presented to him, or at his headquarters, are promptly received and held in secure custody until delivered to the commanding officer of the nearest military post or station.

35. A reward of $30 for the apprehension and delivery of a deserter to the nearest provost-marshal will be paid by the nearest disbursing quartermaster of the United States. This reward is, of course, only due when the man presented is actually a deserter, and it shall include all expense incurred in his arrest and delivery.