War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0652 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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constitute one, each Territory of the United States shall constitute one or more, as the President shall direct,and each Congressional district of the respective States, as fixed by a law of the State next preceding the enrollment, shall constitute one: Provided, That in State which have not by their laws been divided into two or more Congressional districts the President of the United States shall divide the same into so many enrollment districts as he may deem fit and convenient.


9. The following is from section 5 of the act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, &c., approved March 3, 1863:

That for each of said districts there shall be appointed by the President a provost-marshal, with the rank, pay,and emoluments of a captain of cavalry, or an officer of said rank shall be detailed by the President, who shall be under the direction and subject to the orders of a provost-marshal-general, appointed or detailed by the President of the United States,whose office shall be at the seat of government, forming a separate bureau of the War Department.

10. Provost-marshals have the rank, pay,and emoluments of captains of cavalry,exclusive of communication for transportation or for fuel and quarters. The accounts for pay will be made on the forms furnished by the Pay Department.

11. The provost-marshal, commissioner, and surgeon of the Board of Enrollment in each Congressional district are entitled to draw forage in kind from the Quartermaster's Department, upon the usual requisition, for each horse actually kept by them, when and at the place where they are on duty,not exceeding the number authorized by law.

The officer must certify that his requisition is correct and just; that he has not drawn forage, or received money in lieu of any part thereof, for any part of the time charged;and that the horse or horses for which forage is required has or have been actually kept by him when and at the place where he is on duty.

If the Quartermaster's Department cannot furnish forage in kind, the officers above named are entitled to communication for the same at the rate of $8 per month for each horse.

12. The dress of the provost-marshals, when engaged in the duties of their office, shall be that of a captain of the general staff, as prescribed in Army Regulations.


13. The headquarters of each district shall be fixed and announced by the Provost-Marshal-General.

14. Each provost-marshal shall take post at the headquarters of his district.

15. Each provost-marshal, on taking post, shall, if there be no Government building suitable for the purpose, make, subject to approval, written agreements (in quintuplicate) for the rent of an office, upon the most reasonable terms possible. (See paragraph 129.)

16. This office will consist of not more than three rooms, one of which shall be used by the Board of Enrollment during its sessions, and may be devoted at other times to the wants of the service. The rent will be paid as hereinafter provided for other accounts.

17. He shall in like manner, whenever it is rendered necessary by the quantity of clothing on hand, select and hire a secure and dry clothing store-room, and take proper care of the clothing at all times.

18. Each provost-marshal may employ three regular clerks and one