War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0641 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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for the preservation, maintenance, and support of the Union and defense of the capital of the country; and

Whereas, numbers of uniformed regiments of this county are now absent in obedience to the late call of the President for 100- days" volunteers for the defense of the States of this Union; and

Whereas, it is due alike to positive self-preservation and the defense of our citizens and our homes, the more especially at this time when the freebooters of the Southern rebels have been within our harbor and in sight of our forts, capturing our citizens and destroying their property without molestation; and

Whereas, evidence of the most undoubted character is now in possession of Supervisor Blunt, chairman of the committee on volunteers, who caused to be copied from the several naval depots for the enlistment of sailors, by which it appears that over 24,000 mariners have been enlisted in the U. S. Navy, and are now in the service, and for which no credit has been given to this county; Therefore,

Resolved, That the committee on volunteering be directed to act in concert with the Governor of the State of New York and his associate, with a view of making proper representations to the President of the United States and Secretary of War, pointing out to them the facts herein stated and asking for a postponement of the draft; and also the necessity of exempting therefrom firemen actually doing duty as such, the uniformed military regiments, and such members of the police force as are essential to the preservation of public order, and also to represent to the authorities the hardship of taking the heads of families, upon whom devolve the duty of providing means for their support, and of enforcing the draft. From the circumstances related it appears to be just that this county should be accredited with all who have volunteered.



Washington, August 26, 1864.

I. With a view to a careful examination of every recruit, substitute, &c., received at the general rendezvous established for the reception of recruits, &c., before forwarding them to regiments, in order that all of those unfit for field service may be discharged, as required by order and regulations, the Secretary of War directs that the Surgeon-General place at each of the general rendezvous referred to as many officers of the Medical Corps as may be necessary to make the requisite examinations; these medical officers to be selected so as to give some of the best talent of the Medical Corps for the especial purpose of examining recruits.

II. The Secretary of War also directs that in future commanders of troops in the field discourage, as far as practicable, the discharge of enlisted men who have passed the examination provided for in paragraph I of this circular, for disability existing at the time of entry into service.

III. Whenever recruits, drafted men, &c., are found unfit for service at the examination referred to in paragraph I of this circular, a copy of the report of the Board of Inspectors will be forwarded to the recruiting and mustering officer, or Board of Enrollment, as the case may be, as well as to the Adjutant- General, to give them an opportunity to make such explanation to the Adjutant-General of their action as may be in their power.


Assistant Adjutant-General.