War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0639 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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ultimo for 500,000 men. The term of service will be for either one, two, or three years, as recruits may elect. The recruitment, organization, and musters into service will be in conformity with the existing regulations of the War Department. Bounties will be paid in accordance with the provisions of Circular Numbers 27, current series, from this office. Should the regiment fail to organize within a reasonable time, the men recruited will be consolidated into a battalion, or be transferred to other organizations so as to form and be ready for active service.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



(Copies to Governor of Kentucky and Major W. H. Sidell.)

AUGUSTA, ME., August 25, 1864.

His Excellency A. LINCOLN,

President of the United States:

Under your call for 500,000 men, to be enforced by an inexorable conscription, citizens of Maine are coming forward very freely to enlist in the Navy, but requisite facilities are not granted by the Navy Department to examine and muster those presenting. I am told that they decline enlisting as landsmen.

Maine will give you the best sailors in the service-intelligent and patriotic . It is intolerable that we are to be cut off from putting in our men who are anxious to enlist, either for want of proper facilities or by vexatious rulings of subordinates.

I am likewise informed that the receiving ship Sabine, now at Portland, is about to leave, which will put an end to these enlistments altogether.

I ask of you to order the Secretary of the Navy to return her there, and to have examining and mustering officers placed at Bangor, with force sufficient in each place to attend to all who call.

If you will not accept our men for the Navy, and enforce the conscription for the Army, you may look for political results agreeable neither to you nor myself.


Governor of Maine.


Washington City, August 25, 1864.

Governor ANDREW,


The Provost-Marshal-General has been directed to issue the authority asked for Colonel Dudley to raise a colored brigade, to be officered by colored officers, subject to the approval of General Canby and such regulations as he may deem essential to the service. The troops to be organized as U. S. troops, under the general regulations, and officers to be commissioned by this Department. The volunteers not to be credited to any State quota.


Secretary of War.