War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0638 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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and an attempt to do so will result in manifest inequality and great injustice to communities whose patriotism and devotion to the common cause are proverbial.

For these reasons, to my mind unanswerable, I feel constrained to ask of the Government a modification of the rule adopted, and that we be required to furnish only the number of men due from us as a State under the late call, and that under the circumstances it be not attempted to charge deficiencies to districts apparently delinquent under former calls. I would not ask that Iowa be excused from furnishing a single man for this great work really due from her in just proportion to her military strength; and in this I but utter what I believe is the united sentiment of her people, who now, as heretofore, without just grounds of complaint, be required to furnish from our already depleted and laboring population so large an excess over the quota just assigned to the State at large.

I need scarcely remind you, general, that this State has not played the laggard or failed in any respect to perform her whole duty throughout the entire period of the war; that she has been prompt in responding to the demands upon her, and that instead of doing less she has uniformly done more than was required. We raised, and until recently kept ready for service, two brigades of troops, one for defense against the Indians upon our northern border, and the other for the defense of both Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri against guerrilla depredations, for which we have not only received no reimbursement, but no credit upon our quota for the men so employed.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



Washington, D. C., August 24, 1864.

His Excellency Governor CONY,

Augusta, Me.:

In letter to Secretary of War, dated August 17, you say, I have decided that "enrollments may be corrected, but quotas must stand unchanged; that is, the basis may be altered but not so substantial results." I find no record of such decision in my office, nor did I ever knowingly render such. On the contrary my orders and my practice are that where the enrollment is corrected before draft corresponding corrections shall be made at once in the quotas by the provost-marshal-general of the State. That will be done in Maine. The draft, however, not to be deferred for the purpose of correcting the enrollment.




August 25, 1864.


Lexington, Ky.:

SIR: I am directed by the Secretary of War to inform you that, subject to the approval of the Governor of Kentucky, you are authorized to raise a regiment of volunteer infantry under the call of the 18th