War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0597 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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As to Illinois" "point," I inclose copy of an extract from Adjutant-General Fuller's circular, of that State, and from which this department has every reason to conclude that the point has been conceded to Illinois.

I have the honor to be,


Adjutant-General of Iowa.


Copy from circular of Adjutant-General Fuller, of Illinois, dated February 1, 1864.

* * * *

5. The number of volunteers in Illinois furnished prior to October 1, 1863, by other States (exclusive of Missouri). This number is believed to be about the same as those furnished by this State to regiments of the same States. A settlement with such States will be made at the earliest practicable period.

In submitting said tabular statement it is proper to add that in reply to a telegram of yours of the 16th ultimo, inquiring whether the War Department propose to ascertain and determine the number of volunteers furnished by each county prior to the last call, or whether it would adopt the adjustment with each county, made by you, the Provost-Marshal-General, under date of the 18th ultimo, stats that the "War Department does not propose to attempt the ascertainment of the number of volunteers furnished by each county in Illinois prior to the last call, as no account prior to the last call was kept by the War Department with counties, the record being kept only with the State at large."

Expressing the opinion that on account of the hurried manner in which volunteers rushed to arms in the early stages of the rebellion, no State can ascertain the number furnished by each county and locality prior to the call, the Provost-Marshal- General adds that "there is no doubt that it would be more just and satisfactory if it could be done," and that if the State can show what proportion of all men furnished by it prior to the last call properly belongs to each county, he presumes the "War Department would adopt your report on this subject." Prior to the last call the law did not require the War Department to keep a record of the residence of volunteers at the time of their enlistment; neither by any law or regulation except my own was I obliged to keep such a record. Anticipating, however, that this information might be interesting to the people of the State, if not indispensably necessary to protect a portion of them from contributing more than their just proportion of volunteers in persecuting the war, I have attempted to keep such a record. For more than thirty months I have endeavored to perfect it. Regiments which had taken the field prior to my perfect it. Regiments which had taken the field prior to my appointment, and of many of which, on account of the hurried manner in which they were ordered away, not even a muster-in roll was on file.



Detroit, Mich.:

The authority to recruit civilized Indians for the First Michigan Sharpshooters is hereby renewed, and you can raise one or two com-