War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0592 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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organizations is removed, and such recruits will be mustered in by mustering officers as provided for recruits for old organizations, and will be sent to the same rendezvous, and guarded and provided for in the same manner. The regiment or independent organization for which the men are mustered in must be designated on the muster-in rolls (the four copies of which are disposed of as usual), but the recruits will be organized into companies by the commanding officer of the general rendezvous at which the regiment may be assembled. As soon a organized into companies the commanding officer of the general rendezvous will make out muster and descriptive rolls, by companies (the field and staff on a separate roll), of the whole regiment, which will be signed and certified to by him, showing that all the men have been duly mustered in, and are organized as required by orders and regulation, and giving the amount of bounty, advance pay, &c., each man has received. These rolls will be made in quadruplicate, and disposed of as provided for muster- in rolls. These rolls of the regiment will contain the names of all men rejected, died, discharged, &c., so as to be a complete and full record of the regiment; they will be evidence of muster in and proper organization.

Advance bounty will not be paid by the United States until these company rolls are made out, so that payment can be entered on them. The attention of all mustering officers is invited to paragraph 85, Mustering Regulations. Company officers will not be mustered in until companies are organized, and the field and staff not until the regiment is organized, as explained in that paragraph.

The muster in of each man will be from his date of enlistment, and he will be discharged at the expiration of the period for which he is mustered in.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

ORDNANCE OFFICE, August 9, 1864.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge your instructions of 30th ultimo, directing me to report-

First. What number of carbines and rifles using the copper cartridge are now in service, stating the number of the different kinds, &c. Also, the number of these arms the department now has contracts for, and the aggregate of all that it may be expected will be delivered in each month until the contracts are completed.

Second. The number of cartridges per gun which should be kept on hand for each arm, and the estimated allowance per gun for six months of war; also the number of cartridges on hand, the outstanding orders for such, the names of the manufactures, the capacity of each establishment per week, and how far the actual supply now received per week will meet the weekly demand based on the estimated wants of the service; and

Third. What measures have been taken by the Bureau to manufacture this kind of cartridge at the arsenals; the actual condition of progress in this matter at present; when it is expected the Bureau will be able to produce any of this ammunition; how rapidly that progress will be increased, and when it is anticipated that the depart-