War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0589 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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manufacture of muskets, but for the manufacture and alteration of carbines and pistols. Your final action and directions have not yet been communicated to this office.

Field, siege, and sea-coast carriages.-On the 27th of February, 1864, Major Rodman was directed to furnish the Bureau with detailed plans and estimates of shops capable of turning out 400 field and siege and 400 sea-coast carriages per annum, based on his large experience in such matters. This estimate has not yet been received, but is expected daily. On the same day Lieutenant- Colonel Hagner was directed to prepare the plans and estimates of the shops necessary to make the corresponding implements, equipments, &c. The final estimate of Lieutenant-Colonel Hagner on this subject was received at this office July 18, 1864.

Artillery harness irons.-On the 23rd of February, 1864, Mr. Daniel Reynolds, of Springfield, Mass., who has been in the employ of this department for the past three years inspecting wrought-iron work for artillery harness, was directed to get up full estimates and plans for an establishment capable of turning out sixty complete sets per day, based on his experience. Mr. William Dennison, a mechanical engineer, was associated with him in this work, as authorized by you February 24, 1864. Their final report, with the accompanying papers, was received at this office on July--, 1864.

Cavalry saddle-trees.-On the 23rd of February last Mr. E. Waters, of Troy, N. Y., who is engaged in the business of making saddletree, and who has furnished them in large quantities to this department, was requested to prepare a detailed statement showing the manner in which he proposed to execute all this kind of work by machinery, and prepare plans and estimates of shops capable of making 250 trees per day of ten hours. Mr. William Dennison has recently gone to Troy to assist Mr. Waters in executing this work, and a full report is soon expected.

Horse brushes.-Major Laidley was directed on the 29th of October, 1863, to prepare plans and estimates for a brush factory capable of turning out 1,000 horse brushes per day for the artillery and cavalry service. His report was received April 22, and was approved by you June 29, 1864.

I would remark on this question in general that as Chief of Ordnance it is not expected that I should give my personal attention to all the details of the business going on in my department, but I am expected and to depend for the proper execution of such duties upon the experience, ability, and fidelity of those who are associated with me, and upon whose earnest, honest co-operation greatly depends the preservation of that system of harmony and division of labor so indispensable to the prompt and correct dispatch of business. To Captain Balch, above all others, as my principal assistant, I have given a carge blanche, only restricted, of course, by my approbation. In the department of improvements at arsenals he has selected his own architects, draughtsmen, and other assistants, such as Mr. Reynolds, of Springfield, and Mr. Waters, of Troy, of whom I personally know nothing, nd I cannot but hope that with such resources as he himself had provided this preparatory work has been executed with all desirable accuracy.

Fourth. You will further report at what arsenals improvements under these plans are now in progress; when they may be expected to be completed, and also when all the improvements contemplated will be so far completed as to make this appropriation available for and contribute to meeting the immediate military wants of the country.