War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0574 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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Second. That the whole bounty shall not be paid if not fairly earned by the soldier; and

Third. To enable the soldier to provide for his family by payments from time to time of the installments of bounty.

All this is lost by the system of recruitment of the negroes for the State quotas.

With all the guards which the utmost vigilance and care have thrown around the recruitment of white soldiers it is a fact, as lamentable as true, that a large portion of the recruits have been swindled of part, if not all, of their bounties. Can it be hoped that the colored man will be better able to protect himself from the infinite ingenuity of fraud than the white?

Therefore, to provide for the families of the colored recruits enlisted in this department, to relieve the United States as far as may be from the burden of supporting the families, and to insure that at least a portion of the bounty paid to the negro shall be received for his use and that of his family, it is ordered:

I. That upon the enlistment of any negro recruit into the service of the United States for three years by any State agent or other person not enlisting recruits under the recruits under the direct authority of the War Department, a sum of $100, or one-third of the sum agreed to be paid as bounty, shall be paid, if the amount exceeds three times that sum, into the hands of the superintendent of recruiting, or an officer to be designated by him, and in the same proportion for any less time; and no mustering officer will give any certificate or voucher for any negro recruit mustered into the service of the United States, so that he may be credited to the quota of any State, or as a substitute, until a certificate is filed with him that the amount called for by this order has been paid, to the satisfaction of the superintendent of recruiting of the district wherein the recruit was enlisted; but the mustering officer will, in default of such payment, certify upon the roll hat the recruit is not to be credited to the quota of any State, or as a substitute.

II. The amount as paid to the superintendent of recruiting shall be turned over on the last day of each month to the superintendent of negro affairs, to be expended in aid of the families of negro soldiers in this department. The certificates filed with commissary of musters will be returned to said superintendent may vouch the accounts of the superintendent of recruiting for the amounts received by him.

And the superintendent of negro affairs will account monthly to the financial agent of this department for the amounts received and expended by him.

III. As there are unfilled colored regiments in this department sufficient to receive all the negro recruits therein, no negro male person above the age of sixteen years shall be taken out or attempted to be taken out of this department, either as a recruit, as officer's servant, or otherwise, in any manner whatever, without a pass from these headquarters. Any officer, master of transportation, provost-marshal, or person who shall aid, assist, or permit any male negro of the age of sixteen years or upward to go out of this department in contravention of this order will be punished, on conviction thereof before the provost court, by not less than six months's imprisonment at hard labor under the superintendent of prison labor at Norfolk, and if this offense is committed by or with the connivance of any master of steam-boat, schooner, or other vessel, the steam-boat or other vessel shall be seized and sold, and the proceeds paid to the superintendent of negro affairs for the use of the destitute negroes supported by the Government.