War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0537 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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whether such soldier shall have voluntarily enlisted or volunteered as a substitute for a drafted or enrolled man, such bounty in no case to exceed in addition to the State bounty the sum of one hundred dollars for each one-years" man, two hundred dollars for each two-years" man, and three hundred dollars for each three-year's man, and in the same proportion for any other term of service, and such city, town, or place may make such distinction in the bounties to be paid between volunteers and substitutes of drafted or enrolled men as it may deem expedient; and any city, town, or place in the same manner may raise money and appropriate the same as bounty to each man drafted for one year therefrom who shall be mustered into the service of the United States as part of the quota of such city, town, or place, in addition to the State bounty, a sum not exceeding two hundred dollars.

SEC. 5. The Governor and council and the various towns and places may make such regulations as they may deem expedient in relation to the time and manner of payment of the bounties authorized by this act, provided, however, that in no case shall any of said bounties be paid to any soldier or his order until he shall have been duly mustered into the military service of the United States.

SEC. 6. No city, town, place, or agent shall pay or offer to any drafted man, volunteer, or substitute, any greater sum than that in this act authorized under a penalty not less than one hundred dollars or more than five hundred dollars for each offense, which may be recovered by indictment, one-half to the use of the prosecutor.

SEC. 7. All cities, towns, and places shall be credited on their respective quotas for all men by them furnished or furnished by any inhabitant of such city, town, or place and mustered into the service of the United States in excess of all former quotas and prior to the passage of this act, and upon such excess being duly certified by the assistant provost-marshal-general for the State to the State authorities, the same State bounty as provided in this act for volunteers shall be paid for the men so furnished to the city, town, place, or persons entitled thereto, provided, however, that such bounty shall in no case exceed the sum actually paid for such men, and that any State bounty heretofore paid to the men constituting such excess shall be duly allowed and deducted.

SEC. 8. Whenever there shall be any call by the General Government for soldiers from this State for its service, each city, town, and place shall be called upon for its quota in proportion to the number its enrolled men bears to the enrolled men of the State, and shall be credited with any excess or charged with any deficiency of the men by it furnished up to the time of said call.

SEC. 9. The Governor is authorized to draw his warrants upon the treasury for so much money as may be necessary to pay the bounties and agents, pay provided for by this act, said bounties to be paid to the cities, or places, and to the drafted men, volunteer, substitute, or their assigns.

SEC. 10. This act shall take effect upon its passage; all authority heretofore given to the Governor and council to offer bounties, and to the various cities, towns, and places to raise and appropriate money for bounties, and all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.


Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate.

Approved July 16, 1864.



In consideration of the provisions of this act and the exigencies of the public service, I, Joseph A. Gilmore, Governor of the State of New Hampshire, with the advide and consent of the Honorable council, do hereby proclaim that the State will pay to each soldier who shall be mustered into the service of the United States to fill the quota of this State during the present war, whether such soldier shall have voluntarily enlisted, or voluntetute for a drafted or enrolled man, or as a representative substitute for any citizen not enrolled, and to all recruits enlisted in the insurgent States under the provisions of said act, the highest sums authorized by the provisions of the third section of said act to be paid as bounties to said soldiers, respectively, whether volunteers, drafted men, substitutes for drafted