War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0517 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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current series, from this office) will report from his rendezvous by consolidating the reports of his assistants. In rendering his reports he will be careful not to embrace musters that do not pertain to his rendezvous.

4. Superintendents of recruiting service from the Regular Army will report by consolidating the reports of the officers acting under their orders, respectively.

5. Mustering officers throughout the loyal States, and all other officers not herein especially mentioned, who are authorized to make musters, will continue to render reports, as heretofore required, direct to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State to which the credits are to be given.


II. Commissaries of musters and chief mustering officers throughout the United States will take especial pains to see that rolls from all officers making musters under them are promptly examined, corrected, and forwarded, and the four copies disposed of as directed by the Mustering Regulations, except that the copy for the adjutant-general of each State will be sent through the acting assistant provost-marshal-general for that State, for his use in verifying the report of credits.

The acting assistant provost-marshal-general will, as soon as possible, extract from these rolls the necessary data and turn them over to the adjutant-general of the State.

The attention of all officers making musters into the service of the United States in invited to the orders of this Department requiring that every man so mustered in should have the authorized organization to which he belongs designated on his muster-in rolls. Transfers from one regiment or company to another are in violation of the orders of the Department, and will in no case be sanctioned.

III. All recruiting officers for the Navy and Marine Corps will, in accordance with orders issued by the Navy Department, report direct to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general of the State to which credits are due, for men enlisted by them.


IV. 1. In States where there is more than one acting assistant provost-marshal-general, as in New York and Pennsylvania, the reports and rolls will be sent to the one at the State capital, and the credits for the divisions of the State will be separated and reported by him.

2. No provision herein contained shall be understood to discontinue any reports or returns heretofore required, except the weekly reports of re-enlisted veterans, which, under section I, are to be rendered tri-monthly.

3. In making up their monthly and tri-monthly reports for this office chief mustering officers will not embrace in them the reports of commissaries of musters of corps, departments, or districts, nor the reports for the Regular Army, but will include credits from the Navy and Marine Corps, crediting them separately from the recruits for the Army.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.