War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0510 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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necessary in accordance with law; and all quartermasters shall forthwith report to the Quartermaster-General, to be referred to the heads of the several divisions above mentioned, all contracts not yet fulfilled which they may have executed on behalf of the United States, and all proposals which they may have received in answer to advertisements for future supplies; and shall hereafter regularly report to the Quartermaster-General copies of all contracts made and all proposals received for supplies of any kind to be furnished. If any quartermaster shall neglect or refuse, for the space of one month, to report to the Quartermaster-General any such contract or proposal, such neglect or refusal shall be deemed prima facie evidence of fraud, and the pay of such quartermaster shall be stopped until he shall have made a satisfactory explanation to the Secretary of War of such neglect or refusal.

SEC. 6. And be in further enacted, That all inspectors of horses, mules, clothing, fuel, forage, lumber, hired transports, and other supplies of the Quartermaster's Department, shall be sworn (or affirmed) to perform their duties in a faithful and impartial manner; and shall, for any corruption, willful neglect, or fraud in the performance of their duties, be liable to punishment by fine and imprisonment by sentence of court-martial or military commission. And if any contractor or person furnishing such supplies or transportation shall give, or offer to give, to any inspector of such supplies or transportation, or to any other person for his use, directly or indirectly, any money or other valuable consideration, such person giving, or offering to give, such money or other valuable consideration, shall forfeit to the United States the full amount of his contract or contracts with the United States, and the name and offense of such person shall be published in general orders, and also in one newspaper of general circulation nearest to his place of residence.

SEC. 7. And be if further enacted, That the provisions of the sixteenth section of the act entitled "An act to define the pay and emoluments of certain officers of the Army, and for other purposes," approved July seventeen, eighteen hundred and sixty- two, shall apply to all persons engaged in executing the contracts therein referred to, whether as agents of such contractors or as claiming to be assignees thereof, or otherwise, and to all inspectors employed by the United States for the inspection of subsistence, clothing, arms, ammunition, munitions of war, or other description of supplies for the Army or Navy of the United States: Provided, That any person arrested to answer charges for a violation of the provisions of this section, or of the act to which it is in addition, shall be admitted to bail for his appearance to answer the charges made against him before any court-martial constituted to try him, in such sum and with such sureties as shall be designated and approved by the judge of the district court of the district in which the arrest is made or the offense is charged to have been committed, or any commissioners appointed by such court.

SEC. 8. And be if further enacted, That if any contractor or person furnishing supplies or transportation shall give, or offer to give, or cause to be given, to any officer or employe of the Quartermaster's Department having charge of the receipt or disposition of the supplies or transportation furnished by him, or in any way connected therewith, any money or other valuable consideration, directly or indirectly, all contracts and charters with such person shall, at the option of the Secretary of War, be null and void; and if any officer or employe of the Quartermaster's Department shall knowingly accept any such money or other valuable consideration from such person, he shall be deemed guilty or malfeasance, and shall be punished by fine or imprisonment, or both, as a court-martial or military commission may direct.

SEC. 9. And be if further enacted, That whenever it shall become necessary to purchase any steam or sailing vessel for the use of the Quartermaster's Department, the same shall be first inspected by one or more competent naval officers, detailed in accordance with the provisions of the "Act authorizing the detail of naval officers for the service of the War Department," approved February twelfth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two; and all steam vessels shall be inspected by an officer skilled in the construction and operation of steam machinery, in addition to the other usual inspection of such vessels: Provided, That the provisions of this section shall not amply to steam-boats or other vessels on the Western rivers; but such river steam-boats or vessels shall be so inspected by competent builders, to be designated for that purpose. SEC. 10. And be it further enacted, That the officers placed in charge of the several divisions provided for by the first section of this act shall, during the time that they remain in such charge, each have the rank, pay, and emoluments of a colonel in the Quartermaster's Department: Provided, That the Quartermaster-General may, with the approval of the Secretary of War, from time to time, and according to the necessities of the public service, change the distribution of duties among them; and all such changes shall be forthwith published in general orders or the War Department.