War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0474 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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SEC. 11. And be it further enacted, That nothing contained in this act shall be construed to alter or change the provisions of existing law relative to permitting persons liable to military service to furnish substitute.

Approved July 4, 1864.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

ORDERS Numbers 24.] LOUISVILLE, KY., July 6, 1864.

I. Brigadier General A. L. Chetlain, U. S. Volunteers, is relieved from the operation of so much of Orders Numbers 20, of June 13, 1864, as relates to the organization of colored troops in the State of Kentucky, and Bvt. Major General S. G. Burbridge, U. S. Volunteers, is charged with that duty. Before returning to Memphis, Tenn., General Chetlain will make a minute inspection of the colored regiments in the State of Tennessee.

II. The law authorizing the enlistment of colored troops has only reference to the able-bodied negroes capable of bearing arms, and not to old men, the infirm, or women and children. Accordingly, none but able-bodied men will be received at the various camps designated for their reception. All others will be encouraged to remain at their respective homes, where, under the State laws, their masters are bound to take care of them, and those who may have been received at Camp Nelson will be sent to their homes. This latter is necessary, as many cases of disease have made their appearance among both sexes of such a nature as to require their removal beyond the limits of the camp. Furthermore, all of this class of persons are required to assist in securing the crops, now suffering in many cases for the want of labor.

III. The place of reception for colored men in the Ninth District is changed from Louisa to Ashland.

* * * * * *

By order of the Secretary of War:



[JULY 6, 1864.-For correspondence between Stanton and Brough, in relation to raising 100-days" men, see Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, p. 91.]

[JULY 6, 1864.-For correspondence between Stanton, Couch, and Curtin, with reference to the conditions under which 12,000 volunteers for 100 days would be accepted, see Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, pp. 94, 95, 97.]


Washington, D. C., July 6, 1864.

Major General E. R. S. CANBY,

Commanding Mil. Div. of West Mississippi, New Orleans, La.:

GENERAL: In connection with a letter of May 25 from Major-General Herron, with your indorsement of the 11th ultimo, relative to the