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such time this class of men to become liable to other and future calls as other citizens of the State.

I submit to you the expediency of providing that if 100-days" men shall volunteer under the first call they be allowed to join such regiment as they may elect, and be credited with such time as they may have served under the 100-days" call, not exceeding fifty days. I do not press this point beyond your own convictions as to it policy or propriety.

The first three propositions, however, I do urge as a matter of justice to the men, who have so promptly come forward in the 100- days" service, and as a fair and equitable distribution of the burdens of the war among those who have heretofore avoided them. I do not see any legal difficulty in exempting from the first call and draft men who are actually in service at the time, however proximate their term of service, especially if they become liable to a future call after that service has expired. The principle seems to me just and equitable, and I urge its adoption.*

Very respectfully,


Governor of Ohio.

[JULY 5, 1864.-For correspondence between Stanton, Couch, and Curtin, in regard to providing forces for protection of Pennsylvania and Maryland against invasion, &c., see Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, pp. 74-76.]

[JULY 5, 1864.-For correspondence between Stanton, Dix, and Seymour, in relation to raising troops for the defense of Pennsylvania and Maryland, see Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, pp. 77,78.]



Washington, July 6, 1864.

The following act of Congress is published for the information and government of all concerned:

PUBLIC-Numbers 196.

AN ACT further to regulate and provide for the enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States may, at his discretion, at any time hereafter, call for any number of men as volunteers, for the respective terms of one, two, and three years, for military service; and any such volunteer, or, in case of draft, as hereinafter provided any substitute, shall be credited to the town, township, ward of a city, precinct, or election district, or of a county not so subdivided, toward the quota of which he may have volunteered or engaged as a substitute; and every volunteer who is accepted and mustered into the service for a term of one year, unless sooner discharged, shall receive and be paid by the United States a bounty of one hundred dollars; and if for a term of two years, unless sooner discharged, a bounty of two hundred dollars; and if for a term of three years, unless sooner discharged, a bounty of three hundred dollars; one-third of which bounty shall be paid to the soldier at the


*For reply, see Series I, Vol. XXXVII, Part II, p. 70.