War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0465 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Consolidated abstract from returns of the U. S. Army for June 30, 1864.

Present for duty.

Officer Men. Aggregate Aggregate

s present present

Command. and


Department of 1,175 27,982 38,106 49,103

Arkansas a(Steele)

Department of the 4,541 89,045 111,220 174,883



Department of the 221 3,354 4,448 5,093

East (Dix)

Department of the 2,518 55,530 73,067 96,263

Gulf (Banks)

Department of 237 5,024 6,541 8,204

Kansas (Curtis)

Middle Department 265 6,027 6,942 8,121


Department of the 642 14,092 17,941 22,224



Department of New 151 3,360 3,954 5,171

Mexico (Carleton)

Northern 381 9,057 12,423 15,333



Department of the 235 4,940 5,942 7,106

Northern (Pope)

Department of the 1,457 28,320 35,255 53,794

Ohio b(Schofield)

Department of the 216 3,933 5,271 6,991

Pacific (Wright)

Department (or 4,069 82,541 112,478 199,740

Army) of the

Potomac (Meade)

Department of the 682 15,456 19,610 22,873

South (Foster)

Department of the 59 811 1,100 1,826



Department of the 4,093 85,157 107,334 148,662

Tennessee b


Department of 1,909 43,599 55,090 90,557

Virginia and North

Carolina (Butler)

Department of 955 24,723 33,289 38,906

Washington (Augur)

Department of West 1,079 27,408 33,047 46,968

Virginia (Hunter)

Total 24,874 530,359 683,058 1,001,782

aConstituted the Military Division of West Mississippi, under Canby, with 4,335 officers and 97,604 men for duty; 129,114 aggregate present; 167,590 aggregate present and absent.

bConstituted the Military Division of the Mississippi, under Sherman, with 10,091 officers and 202,522 men for duty; 253,809 aggregate present; 377,339 aggregate present and absent.



Washington, July 1, 1864.

The following acts of Congress are published for the information and government of all concerned:

I. PUBLIC-Numbers 125.

AN ACT to provide for the examination of certain officers of the Army.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representation of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That every quartermaster and assistant quartermaster, and every commissary and assistant commissary of subsistence, and every paymaster and additional paymaster shall, as soon as practicable, be ordered to appear for examination as to his qualifications before a board to be composed of three staff officers of the corps to which he belongs, of recognized merit and fitness, of whom two at least shall be officers of volunteers, which board shall make a careful examination as to the qualifications of all officers who may appear before them in pursuance of this act, and shall also keep minutes and make a full and true record of the examination in each case. And all members of such boards of examination shall, before proceeding to the discharge of their duties as herein provided, swear or affirm that they will conduct all examinations with impartiality, and with a sole view to the qualifications of the person or persons to be examined, and that they will not divulge the vote of any member upon the examination of any officer, who may appear before them.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That such boards of examination shall be convened, under the direction of the Secretary of War, by the Quartermaster-General, the Commissary- General of Subsistence, and the Paymaster-General, at