War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0460 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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here, and there are 300 men for a second. Some 1,500 men are said to be at Camp Nelson. I wish to have at this place a school for field music. Am I authorized to employ a suitable teacher for the drum, fife, and bugle, to be paid from the appropriation for collecting, organizing, and drilling recruits? Such music is very necessary.




Washington, June 29, 1864.

Major-General STEELE:

I understand that Congress declines to admit to seats the persons sent as Senators and Representatives from Arkansas. These persons apprehend that, in consequence, you may not support the new State government there as you otherwise would. My wish is that you give that government and the people there the same support and protection that you would if the members had been admitted, because in no event, nor in any view of the case, can this do any harm, while it will be the best you can do toward suppressing the rebellion.

Yours, truly,



Little Rock, Ark., June 29, 1864.


President of the United States:

SIR: Herewith I send you an act of the General Assembly, also a resolution of the same, by the hands of W. D. Snow, of this State, and earnestly as your early attention to them. He will make all necessary explanations. I have unlimited confidence in his patriotism. We trust that you will not fail redeemed Arkansas-your own work.


Governor of Arkansas.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.] OFFICE OF SECRETARY OF STATE, Little Rock, Ark., June 1, 1864.

Be it resolved by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, That whereas, said State of Arkansas is now suffering from the invasion of armed forces of the so-called Confederate forces, and the recent movements against the rebel armies in the southern portion of said State is causing large numbers to break off into guerrilla bands infesting all parts of the State and causing the inhabitants of every county to suffer from such invasion and domestic violence;

And whereas, those in rebellion against the lawful authorities of said State and the Government of the United States have seized the public treasury, burned towns, desolated farms, overpowered and disarmed the true and law-abiding citizens, robbed them of their estates, and thus rendered it impossible for them alone to protect themselves against such outrages:

Resolved, therefore, That the President of the United States be most earnestly requested and implored to furnish additional soldiers