War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0455 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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economy. If you divert too large a proportion of the able-bodied into the ranks, you will leave too large a class of black paupers on our hands; the great mass of our soldiery must be of the white race, and the black troops should for some years be used with caution and with due regard to the prejudice of the races. As was to be expected, in some instances they have done well, in others badly, but on the whole the experiment is worthy a fair trial, and all I ask is that it be not forced beyond the laws of natural development.

In Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky it may be wisely used to secure their freedom with the consent of owners.


Major-General, Commanding.

WASHINGTON, June 28, 1864.


In answer to the resolution of the Senate of the 24th instant, requesting information in regard to the alleged enlistment in foreign countries of recruits for the military and naval service of the United States, I transmit report from the Secretaries of State, of War, and of the Navy, respectively.


[Inclosure Numbers 1.] DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, June 25, 1864.


The Secretary of State, to whom has been referred the resolution of the Senate of the 24th instant, requesting the President to inform that body "if any authority has been given any one, either in this country or elsewhere, to obtain recruits in Ireland or Canada for our Army or Navy; and whether any such recruits have been obtained, or whether, to the knowledge of the Government, Irishmen or Canadians have been induced to emigrate to this country in order to be recruited; and if so, what measures, if any, have been adopted in order to arrest such conduct," has the honor, in reply to the inquiries thus submitted, to report that no authority has been given by the Executive of this Government, or by any Executive Department, to any one, either in this country or elsewhere, to obtain recruits either in Ireland, or in Canada, or in any foreign country, for either the Army or the Navy of the United States; and on the contrary, that whenever application for such authority has been made it has been refused and absolutely withheld.

If any such recruits have been obtained, either in the provinces named in the resolution, or in any foreign country, they have been obtained by persons who are not even citizens of the United States, but subjects or citizens of the country where the recruits were obtained. The persons who obtained such recruits, if any were so obtained, were answerable to the laws of the foreign province or country where their offenses were committed, and at the same time they were not within the reach of our own laws and tribunals; and such persons acted without any authority or consent, and even without the knowledge of this Government. This Government has no knowledge that any such recruits have been obtained in the provinces named, or in any foreign country. In two or three instances it has been reported to this Department that recruiting agents crossed the Canadian frontier, without authority, with a view to engage recruit