War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0419 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Washington, June 6, 1864.

The following acts of Congress are published for the information and guidance of all concerned:

* * * * *

PUBLIC--Numbers 87. AN ACT to repeal the first section of the joint resolution relative to the transfer of persons in the military service to the naval service, approved February twenty- four, eighteen hundred and sixty-four.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of the joint resolution entitled a "Joint resolution relative to the transfer of persons in the military service to the naval service," approved February twenty-four, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, be, and the same is hereby, repealed.

Approved June 3, 1864.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Hilton Head, S. C., June 6, 1864.

As the exigencies of the service require that all citizens of the United States should prove their allegiance to their country by rendering every assistance in the hour of her trial, and it being necessary, in a military department, that every male person capable of bearing arms should be ready for any emergency in the field, it is ordered:

I. That the general superintendent of the recruiting service for the Department of the South be, and is hereby, instructed and authorized to enlist and organize into companies and regiments all white male persons that can be so recruited within the State of Florida, the said enlistments to be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the War Department for the recruiting service and such other orders as may be given, from time to time, from these headquarters.

II. The men so enlisted shall be organized as Florida volunteers, but will be governed by the same rules and regulations and receive the same premium, bounty, pay, and pension as all volunteers now being enlisted into the service of the United States. They will not be required to do duty outside of their own State except in cases of extreme necessity.

III. Every white male person between the ages of eighteen and fitty, capable of bearing arms, now within this department or such as may hereafter come into it, who are not in the U. S. service, shall be immediately enrolled and organized into companies and battalions and drilled as infantry at least two hours one day of each week. Said militia shall be called into active service in case of an attack upon the post where they reside, or be required to do garrison duty should it be necessary, and while actually employed shall receive from the commissary one full ration per day.

IV. The ordnance officer of each post will furnish arms and accouterments for the use of the militia, on requisition made by the post commander, who will be held responsible for the same and provide an armory where theited. The arms and accouterments shall be kept in good, ition and be taken from the