War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0270 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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they are attached; they will see that regimental and company commanders collect and secure all arms, accouterments, and ammunition belonging to soldiers of their companies or regiments who have been killed or wounded or who have abandoned such supplies; they will give receipts for all such ordnance stores as are no longer needed by the regiment, and will cause them to be sent, to gather with all captured ordnance stores of whatever description, to the nearest ordnance depot or arsenal for deposit and repair. All defects in arms, ammunition, or any other ordinance stores coming under their observation will at once be reported to the chief ordnance officer of the army or department, together with all the information to be obtained, which may aid the Ordnance Department to correct the evil.

6. It shall be their duty to ascertain, at the close of every official quarter, whether the ordnance and ordnance stores in hands of the troops have been duly accounted for by the officers responsible for them, for the whole time they are so responsible, and to report all delinquent officers to senior ordnance officers at general headquarters, to be by him reported to the Chief of Ordnance, at Washington.

7. All requisition for ordnance and ordnance stores for the use of any troops in the division, brigade, or district must be duly approved by them before being transmitted to general headquarters, and they will be held responsible that all requisitions so transmitted are made in strict compliance with the regulations of the Ordnance Department.8. In addition to these duties, they will promptly execute all special orders which may, from time to time, the chief oro whom they report.

9. In order that the Ordnance Department may be kept fully advised of the names of all officers who are thus temporarily attached to it, a report of the acting ordnance officers in every army of department, designating the division, brigade, or district to which they are attached, shall be made on the last day of every months to the Chief of Ordnance, at Washington, D. C., by the senior ordnance officer of each army or department.

10. Hereafter, whenever it may become necessary to establish temporary ordnance depots for the service of an army in the field, it shall be done only by the of the officer commanding the army or department, on the recommendation of his chief ordnance officer. The officers to take charge of such depots shall all be selected by the chief ordnance officer and assigned to duty or transferred from one depot to another by the officer commanding the army or department, and by him alone. The names of all such depots, and those of the officers in charge of them, will at once bare forwarded to the Chief of Ordnance, at Washington, D. C., and their names will be included in the monthly report of acting ordnance officer of division, prescribed in the preceding paragraph.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

MAY 7, 1864.


In compliance with the request contained in a resolution of the Senate dated April 30, 1864, I herewith transmit to your Honorable body a copy of the opinion by the Attorney-General on the rights of