War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0269 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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The Army of the Potomac and Lee's army came in collision yesterday near Chancellorsville, and a partial engagement ensued without any definite result. A general battle was expected to take place to-day. Nothing has yet been heard from the field. General Sherman expects a battle with Johnston at Tunnel Hill to- morrow. Your will be kept advised.


Secretary of War.

(Same to Governor Morton, Indianapolis; Governor Stone, Davenport; Governor Lewis, Wisconsin.)



Washington, May 7, 1864.


For the purpose of moire perfectly organizing the service of the Ordnance Department as connected with armies in the field and the military departments, and at the same time securing for that department the service of a body of efficient officers, trained to its special duties, it is ordered:

1. That there shall be attached to the general staff of every division in the Army of the United States, and to that of each brigade or military district where no district organization exist, an acting ordnance officer, who shall be held directly responsible to the chief ordnance officer at the general headquarters of the army or department in which he may be serving for the manner in which he shall perform the special duties of his office.

2. These official shall be captains and lieutenants in the line of the regular or volunteers service, selected for the position on account of their peculiar fitness for it, and, if possible, from those who have already had some experience in ordnance duty. They shall be appointed and assigned to duty the commander of the army or department, and by him alone, upon the recommendation of the senior ordnance officer on duty at general headquarters; and all removals or charges or station of these officers are to be made by the same authority, and on the recommendation of the senior ordnance officer.

3. It shall be the duty of such officers to keep themselves thoroughly acquainted with the armament of each regiment and battery in the division, brigade, or district with or in which they serve, to see that all arms, accouterments, and equipments are kept in a serviceable condition by timely repairs, and to promptly report to the chief ordnance officer of the army or department all injuries to or losses of ordnance property, which may be due to the neglect or carelessness or regimental or company commanders.

4. They will have charge of the ammunition supply trains attached to the division or bridge and will be held respomunition are at all times in the hands of the troops, and that there is a full reserve supply in the train or the district depot.

5. Immediately after an engagement, in case our forces hold the filed, they will take charge of all ordnance stores found on that portion of it occupied by the division or brigade in which