War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0259 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Vinton, deputy quartermaster-general at New York, was ordered by telegraph the 2nd instant to park for transportation the clothing, except uniform coast and greatcoats, and equipage tents, for about 40,000 men. At the same time Colonel Crosman, assistant quartermaster-general at Philadelphia, was directed to prepare in a similar manner to supply about 30,000 men.

Orders were yesterday sent by mail to Colonel Vinton to send to Captain George T. Browning, assistant quartermaster at Indianapolis, Ind., clothing and equipage in such quantities as will enable him, with the stock now on hand at that depot, to supply the 20,000 men to be furnished by the State of Indiana; to send in a similar manner to Captain James Campbell, assistant quartermaster at Springfield, Ill., supplies sufficient to enable him, with his stock on hand, to clothe and equip 20,000 men to be furnished by the State of Illinois, and to send to Captain, N. B. Van Slyke, assistant quartermaster at Madison, Wis., the necessary clothing and equipage to enable him to supply the 5,000 men to be furnished by that State.

Colonel Crosman was directed to sent to Captain Thomas J. Kerr, assistant quartermaster at Columbus, Ohio, the clothing and equipage necessary for equipping the troops (30,000) to be furnished by the State of Ohio.

The orders in each case directed the shipments to be made as early as practicable, but a subsequent letter was sent to Colonels Crosman and Vinton advising them to send only about one- half the articles immediately, and to hold the remainder ready for shipment as soon as the subordinate rendezvous might be designated.

The first installments on the above will probably leave the depots at New York and Philadelphia in the morning of the 6th (Friday), and the remainder as soon thereafter as the subordinate rendezvous is designated.

By order of the Quartermaster-General.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Assistant Quartermaster.


Washington, May 4, 1864.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I have the honor to report the measures taken thus for to provide arms for the three-months" men to be furnished by certain Western States.

Fifteen thousand Enfields were issued from Washington Arsenal on the 28th ultimo for Columbus Arsenal, with orders for them to be sent with dispatch.

Ten thousand sets of accouterments were issued from Allegheny Arsenal May 2, and 5,000 sets from New York Agency April 29, for same destination and under similar orders; and 5,000 Enfield muskets and sent of accouterments were ordered to be issue may 1 form New York Agency for Columbus Arsenal. This makes 20,000 muskets and accouterments sent to hansen the arming of the Ohio troops.

Four thousand Enfield muskets were issued from Columbus Arsenal to Indianapolis Arsenal April 26, and 6,000 ordered to be issued to the same place on April 22.