War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0256 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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[Coat of Arms.]

Know ye, That- -, a- of Captain - company [-], - regiment of- volunteers, was enrolled on the-day of-, one thousand eight hundred and-, to serve-years or during the war, is hereby discharged from the service of the United States, this -day of- 186-, at-, by reason (of being mustered out of service on the expiration of his term.) a No objection to his being re-enlisted is know to exist.

Said - - was born in-, on the State of -, is -years of age,- feet-inches high, -complexion, -eyes, -hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a-.

Given at-, this-day of-, 186-.

- -,

Commanding Company (or Regiment.)

Captain -, U. S. Infantry and Mustering Officer.

Where troops are mustered out of service, final statements must not be given. The muster-out rolls take the place of final statements in such cases.

6. As a general rule, in returning troops to their States for mustered they will be sent to the points therein where they were mustered in, there to be met by mustering officers and paymasters.

7. To hasten the master-out of troops it is hereby made the duty of regimental and company commanders, under the direction of the commissary of musters of the commanders, under the direction of the commissary of musters of the corps or department, and assistant commissary of musters for the division, to look after the data necessary for preparation of the muster-out rolls. To this end it is directed that each company commander shall have the muster-out roll of his company, or such men thereof as are to be discharged, made out in rough, os that it can be quickly arranged, and a fair copy made at the required time.

8. As the interest of an enlisted man is always prejudiced if his record on the roll is imperfect, mustering officers and paymasters will promptly reported all officers who may neglect to have the rolls of their regiments and companies accurately made, with a view to their being recommended for dismissal from the service.

IV. In mustering out independent companies and batteries, or fractional parts thereof, the principles, so far as applicable, laid down herein for regiments will be observed. Questions which may arise relative thereto will be decided by department and army commanders.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

a. This sentence will be erased, should there be anything in the conduct or physical condition of the soldier rendering him unfit for duty in the Army.

SPRINGFIELD, ILL., May 2, 1864.

Colonel J. B. FRY:

Governor Yates absent. The State having furnished a large excess over quota, and responding freely to call for 100-days" men, draft as proposed by you seems not advisable.


Acting Governor of Illinois.