War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0254 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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they respectively belong, there to be paid off promptly, under such regulations as the Paymaster-General may establish.

The senior officer of each detachment will take charge of the mustered rolls and discharge papers, and be responsible for their safety until placed in the hands of the paymaster.


2. Under paragraph 9 of General Orders, Numbers 191, 1863, it is announced that officers in service whose regiments or companies may re-enlist (now applicable to regiments or companies where three fourths have re-enlisted), will have their commissions and rank continued. To this end officers will continue to serve under existing muster until the original term of their regiments shall have expired, when they will be remustered, under their existing commissions, for three years. To secure the back rank-not pay-of the grade in which they may be remustered, the assistant commissary of musters will make the following remark upon the remuster-in-roll: "To rank from-, 186-, under paragraph 9, General Orders, Numbers 191, War Department, 1863."

No provision herein will be construed as authorizing the detention in service of unfit officers. All such should be reported by the department or army commander to the Adjutant- General of the Army, with the view to their discharge.


3. Where regiments fall under the provisions of section 1, General Remarks, and less then three-fourths thereof have re- enlisted, the re-enlisted men and all recruits (drafted and volunteer) who have joined the regiment since the date of its original muster-in (sec. 1, General Remarks) will be formed into one or more companies of the legal maximum standard, and officered by such officers as may be selected by the department or army commander. The remainder of the regiment will then be placed en route to the State, there to be mustered out and paid off in accordance with the mustering Regulations of the Army.

In regiments falling under the provisions of section 2, General Remarks, and where less then three-fourths have re-enlisted, at the dates the periods of service of the respective companies expire, the men thereof entitled to discharge, and the company officers (present and absent), will be mustered out by the assistant commissary of musters of the division, in accordance with the rules enunciated in section 1` of paragraph 1. The remainder (re-enlisted men and recruits who have joined since the date of original organization) will be temporarily assigned to the last company to be mustered out. When the men of all the companies entitled to discharge have thus been disposed of, the remainder will be formed into one or more companies of the legal maximum standard, and officered by such officers as may be selected by the or department commander.

II. Nothing herein will be considered as interfering with the requirements of General Orders, Mo. 182, series of 1863, from this office.


III. 1. Where all the companies of a regiment were mustered in within two months of the date at which the organization commenced, the date of muster-out of the organization will be determined by