War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0239 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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date of notice, and to serve for the period of three months in fortifications, or wherever else their services may be required, and in any State. The Department would be glad to have your opinion as to whether this offer should be accepted or refused.


Secretary of War.

CULPEPER, VA., April 21, 1864.


Secretary of War:

As a rule I would oppose receiving men for a short term, but if 100,000 men can be raised in the time proposed by the Governors of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa they might come at such a crisis as to be of vast importance. I would not recommend accepting the in lieu of quotas now due on any previous calls for three-years" troops. Otherwise I would.



APRIL 21, 1864.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I inclose an approximate estimate in reply to your questions of this morning, as accurate as can be prepared without taking much more time, We have at the principal constructing arsenals and depots regulations clothing with which 200,000 men could be fitted out at once. Of irregular clothing there are on hand: Coats, 20,000; trousers, 50,000; greatcoats, 120,000. The supply is therefore small at present.

The actual cost of clothing 100,000 first outfits, regulation clothing, I estimate at this time at $4,400,000. If greatcoats are not issued - and they are not necessary for a summer campaign - the cost would be $3,400,000. Camp and garrison equipage, tents, &c., for 100,000 men would cost $800,000. Total thus far, $4,200,000.

To supply 100,000 men with complete wagon trains for active operations on the scale existing in our armies would cost $3,000,000.

The above estimate has been hurriedly made. If action is to be taken upon this I should desire to be allowed time to cause a more careful estimate to be made, with time to examine recent contracts for supplies.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Estimate cost of 100,000 volunteers for three months, exclusive of bounties, of incidental expenses of a campaign, and of communication and arms.

Quartermaster's Department:

Outfit of clothing at present prices..................$3,400,000

(If greatcoats are issued add $1,000,000.)

Camp and garrison equipage............................ 800,000

Wagon trains for active service....................... 3,000,000

Transportation to rendezvous and to the seat of war.... 1,000,000

Forage for 20,000 animals 90 days..................... 900,000


Quartermaster's Department............................ 9,100,000