War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0233 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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serve for three years or the war as can be recruited. No additional cavalry can be authorized, nor will recruiting officers be authorized or allowed to recruit men under the supposition that they will serve as mounted infantry. The authority herein granted is given with the condition that but one regiment will be placed under recruitment at any one time. In other words, as soon as one regiment is recruited, organized, and mustered into service a second one may be commenced by you, not sooner. The depot or rendezvous for recruits will be at Little Rock. The organization, recruitment, and musters must conform to the existing regulations of the War Department. All musters into service will be made by the superintendent of recruiting service and chief mustering officer for the State, and in accordance with the Mustering Regulations of the Army. At the commencement of the organization one second lieutenant for each company may be appointed, under the conditions as enumerated in General Orders, Numbers 75, series of 1862, from the War Department. The duties and powers of the said lieutenants are defined by that order. All officers will be appointed and commissioned by His Excellency the Governor upon your nomination or approval. All supplies will be furnished under the requirements of existing regulations. Captain Swain, the superintendent of recruiting service for the State, will, upon receipt of a copy of this, with which he has been furnished, confer with you, so as to arrange the necessary details. His report to this office of date the 30th ultimo embraces much valuable information in reference to the recruiting service in the State.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,



(Copy for Governor of Arkansas, Little Rock, and Superintendent recruiting service, Arkansas.)



Louisville, Ky., April 18, 1864.

I. In obedience to orders from the War Department the general commanding, in addition to the duties incumbent upon him as commander of this district, assumes, under direction of the proper bureaus of the War Department, a general superintendence of the execution of the acts of Congress for raising troops in Kentucky by voluntary enlistment and by drafting.

II. The assistant to the Provost-Marshal-General of the State is not relieved from amy of the duties heretofore assigned him, but will receive from the general commanding such orders as he may deem necesary to secure the most prompt and faithful execution of the laws in question. All reports and returns heretofore required will be made to him by his subordinates, and not to these headquarters.

III. The recruiting of able-bodied slaves and free colored persons will be conducted within the limits of this State, under the following restrictions:

1. The assistant to the provost-marshal-general of the State, the provost-marshals of districts, and the deputy provost-marshals in each county are directed to receive and regularly enlist as soldiers in the service of the United Stated all able-bodied begro slaves and free colored persons of lawful age who may apply to them to be enlisted, and in case of slaves whose owners may request the enlistment; and