War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0212 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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appointment shall be concealed, and he shall be discharged without pay, unless the Governor give him a position in the consolidated company to which his men shall have been transferred.

II. Mustering officers will report promptly to the Adjutant- General of the Army the name of every recruiting lieutenant mustered into the service by them, under the conditional letter of appointment, together with the company and regiment for which he is recruiting. Officers will be mustered into the service only on the authority of the Governor of the State to which their regiments belong.

III. Articles of enlistment will be made out in duplicate by such recruiting officers, and will be disposed of as provided by paragraph 15, page 80, Recruiting Regulations, Volunteer Service. Recruits will be sent to the regimental rendezvous at least as often as one a week, where they will be immediately examined by the surgeon of the regiment, or other surgeon employed for that purpose by the superintendent volunteer service, and, if found unfit for duty by reason of permanent disability, will be discharged from the service forthwith by the U. S. mustering officer, who will report such discharges to the superintendent volunteers recruiting service, and also to the adjutant of the regiment, noting particularly those cases where the disability was obvious at the time of enlistment. As soon as the organization is complete, it shall be carefully inspected and mustered by a U. S. mustering officer, who will see that at least the minimum number of each company is present; no absentees will be counted.

IV. Until regiments or independent companies are organized and mustered in they will be under the control of the Governor of the State; but all requisitions for quartermaster, medical, and ordnance stores, all contracts for fuel, straw, and subsistence, and all requisitions for transportation, must be approved by the superintendent of volunteers recruiting service for the State or division.

V. No accounts for expenses incurred in raising new organizations shall be paid by disbursing officers unless approved by the superintendent of volunteer recruiting service.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington, April 2, 1864.

Ordered, That the Executive order of September 4, 1863, in relation [to] the expiration of live-stock from the United States, be so extended as to prohibit the expiration of all classes of salted provisions from any part of the United States to any foreign port, except that meats cured, salted, or packed in any State of Territory bordering on the Pacific Ocean may be exported from any port of such State or Territory.



Jacksonville, Fla., April 3, 1864.

Brigadier General J. W. TURNER,

Chief of Staff and of Artillery, Department of the South:

GENERAL: If it is the intention of the Government to occupy the State of Florida I would urge upon the general commanding the granting me authority to raid a Florida regiment of white men, to serve