War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0208 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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the proper chief paymaster, if known to him, otherwise, to the Paymaster-General, for such reference.

V. The chief paymaster of the day pay district will immediate cause the certificates of indebtedness to be placed in the hands of the paymaster of the hospital (or of the regiment, should the officer have left the hospital), wit instructions to stop the amounts on the first payment of the officers by whom the certificates were given. The paymaster will take the receipt of each officer for the full amount of his pay account, and transmit the deducted sums to the treasurer of the hospital to which they are due, who will indorse receipt thereof upon the duplicate certificates in the paymaster's hands, or furnish duplicate abstracts of receipts signed by him, and embracing in one receipt the names of all the officers on whose accounts the sums have been remitted. The paymaster will also forward monthly an abstract of certificates thus paid to the Surgeon-General.

VI. Officers of the Subsistence Department will make separate abstracts of the sales to each officers" general hospital during each calendar month, and will report the same to the Commissary- General of Subsistence in the manner provided by regulations in relation to sales to officers. Payment for stores thus purchased of the Subsistence Department shall be made by the treasurer monthly, and in cash when practicable; but when the treasurer has not money on hand sufficient to liquidate the entire indebtedness of the hospital to the Subsistence Department, he shall give to the commissary accountable for the stores sold a certificate of indebtedness, in duplicate, for the amount remaining unpaid, which certificate shall be a valid claim against the hospital, and be paid from the first moneys received thereafter by the treasurer, and until paid shall be considered as a sufficient cash voucher to the commissary for the amount stated therein. When the treasurer, pays this certificate of indebtedness he shall take the receipt of the commissary for the amount thus paid him, and shall report his action in this matter to the Commissary-General of Subsistence, stating the date and amount of each certificate thus canceled, the name of the commissary receiving the money therefor, &c.

VII. Medical directors of armies in the field, when necessary, will establish temporary hospitals in the rear of such armies, to be governed by the following regulations:

Medical directors of armies and of departments and medical inspectors will frequently inspect officers" general hospitals, and in addition to the usual course of hospitals inspection they will investigate the manner in which the treasurer performs his duties, and promptly report any neglect on his part to the Surgeon-General.

VIII. No officer whose certificate of indebtedness to a hospital remains unpaid by him shall receive pay without deducting therefrom the amount of this indebtedness and leaving it in the hands of the paymaster, who shall give him duplicate receipts therefor, one of which the officer shall immediately forward to the treasurer of the hospital for which the stoppage is made. A violation of this paragraph will subject the officer so offending to court-martial for disobedience of orders.

IX. When an officer dies in hospital the treasurer shall immediately ascertain the amount of his indebtedness to the hospital, and prepare an account thereof in triplicate, which shall be certified to be correct by both the treasurer and the surgeon on charge. One copy of this account shall be retained by the treasurer and the remaining two copies be forwarded to the Second Auditor of the Treasury, in