War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0179 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Sixth District.-Captain G. W. Berry, provost-marshal, Sixth District, reports that he has appointed enrolling officers for all the counteis of his district, excepting Trimble and part of Kenton, but finds it very difficult to get persons to accept.

Seventh District.-Captain T. H. Moore, provost-marshal, Seventh District, writes under dates of 8th, 10th, and 11th instant of the difficulty of procuring enrolling officers. The enrollment has begun in Bourbon, Jessamine, Fayette, and Scott Counties. Nothing further is known.

Eighth and Ninth Districts.--From these no reports have been received, the headquarters being too distant for reply to my circular letter up this time. It will be seen that all the provost-marshals and almost all the deputies are well disposed to the work, while objection is made by such as are to do the enrolling, for very evident reasons.

All the provost-marshals speak of the necessity for military force, and the measures taken in this matter are as follows:

Immediately after receipt of your telegram ;of the 3rd instant, directing me to inform General Schofield of the time and places of the draft, I wrote him, giving this information in detail and asking for the necessary force, to which I have as yet received no response, perhaps by reason of the time for the draft being deferred. I observe here that a portion of Kentucky east of the Tennessee River, being a part of the First District in the Department of the Tennessee, and therefore beyond General Schofield's command. But before your order to write to General Schofield I had already written to General Burbridge, commanding District of Kentucky, to the same effect; also to Brigadier General Hugh T. Reid, in command at Columbus, Ky., of District of Cairo. General Burbridge has accordingly placed one company of mounted infantry at headquarters of each provost-marshal, to be under their orders, excepting the First District, Paducah being in Department of the Tennessee. General Reid replies, indicating willingness, but states that the troops at his disposal are hardly of fit character. I answered, asking him to do his best. The First District is unfortunately divided between the Department of the Ohio and Tennessee. But previously to all this correspondence, and as far back as last November, General Boyle, then commanding District of Kentucky, issued his Order Numbers 62 (copy inclosed*) at my sonication, which order is still in force and gives of any troops of his command. I inclosed a copy of this order when first issued to each provost-marshal, as General Boyle did to his officers, but I doubt if it was of much effect, and therefore I count but little on it now.

I have the honor to be, colonel, your obedient servant,


Major Fifteenth U. S. Infty., A. A. P. M. G. for Kentucky.

OFFICE ACTG. ASST. PROV. March General FOR MD. AND DEL., Baltimore, March 14, 1864.

[Colonel J. B. FRY:]

COLONEL: I have the honor to report, in pursuance of your instructions of the 9th instant, of the progress of the enrollment of slaves in the several district of Maryland, to wit:

Enrolling officers have been procured in all of the counties of the