War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0178 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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First District.--Captain Hall, of First District,reports, under date of the 10th instant, referring also to his of the 8th, that, his district being in the Department of the Tennessee, a regiment of blacks has been organizing for the last two months, and that the feeling against it is very strong, so that he had at that date found it very difficult to get enrolling officers. Also that the district is overrun with guerrillas, which increases the difficulty of obtaining these officers. He asks a strong cavalry force to aid him. He states that all necessary orders have been issued to his deputies, and that the Board of this district will not skrink form doing their utmost to carry out their orders; nevertheless, it is his opinion, and that also of all the best Union men, that he enrollment cannot be carried out (in time).

Second District.--No report whatever on the subject of the enrollment has come in form Captain Grisoom, provost-marshal of this district.

Third District.--Captain Hobson reports March 10 that he is marking every to enroll the blacks, but fears it cannot be done in the time specified. New officers will have to be obtained in many cases to replace the old, who, either from fear or dissent, will not undertake the work. In the first sub- district, Warren County, it was not until the 9th instant that he could get an enrolling officer. In second sub-district, Logan Country, three enrolling officers decline, and others to supply their places must yet be sought and a military force sent to protect them. In third sub-district, Todd County, two have declined, and the others not reported. In the fourth sub- district, Simpson County, one declined, but this place is filled. A military forces has been detailed for this county. In the fifth, Allen County, new appointments have been made. Guerrillas interrupt operations. In the sixth, Hart County, one declined, and his place will be filled. The seventh, metcalfe County, has not been heard from, and the eighth, Russell County, the same. In the ninth, Barren County, one only is known to have declined, but it is supposed this will be general and new appointments will have to be made. In the tenth sub- district, Monroe County, the eleventh, but nothing is known as yet of their operations. Force will be necessary in these last- named sub-districts. This was the condition of things in the Third Division on 10th instant, since which nothing has been reported, excepting in general the opposition of opinion to the measure of enrolling the blacks.

Fourth District.--Captain Fidler, provost-marshal, Fourth District, reports to-day, 14th instant, enrolling officers are at work in the counties of Shelby, Meade, and Anderson. No official report has been received from the deputies in the other counties (eleven) of the district, but have reason to believe that in most of them enrolling officers are at work. In Marion, Nelson, and Spencer Counties, however, no enrolling officers willing to do the work have yet been obtained. Nelson County is peculiarly difficult, and force will be required even to serve notices after the draft independently of any consideration of the negroes.

Fifth District.-Report of Captain G. W. Womack, provost-marshal, Fifth District, this date, 14th instant, states that no progress in actual enrollment has been made. It is very difficult to procure the proper persons to make the enrollment, and the Board determined to be very careful in these selections and get the most suitable men and those least objectionable to the people. Every effort is being made to forward the business.