War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0171 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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Parishes. White Number of

populatio delegates


Sabine 4,115 2

Saint Bernard 1,771 1

Saint Charles 938 1

Saint Helena 3,413 1

Saint James 3,348 1

Saint John Baptist 3,037 1

Saint Landry 10,703 4

Saint Martin's 5,005 2

Saint Mary's 3,508 1

Saint Tammany 3,153 1

Tensas 1,479 1

Terrebonne 5,234 2

Union 6,641 3

Vermilion 3,001 1

Washington 2,996 2

Winn 5,481 2

Total 357,629 152

III. Any parish not now within the lines of the army shall be entitled to elect delegates as herein specified, at any time before the dissolution of the convention, should such parish be brought within the lines of the army.

IV. Every free while male twenty-one years of age, who has been a resident of the State twelve months, and six months in the parish in which he offers to vote, who is a citizen of the United States, and who shall have taken the oath prescribed by the President in his proclamation of the 8th of December, 1863, shall have the right to vote in the election of delegates.

V. Citizens of the State who have been expelled from their homes by the public enemy on account of their devotion to the Union, and who would be qualified voters in the parishes to which they belong, will be allowed to vote for delegates in the election precincts in which, for the time being, they may reside.

VI. Citizens of the State who have volunteered for the defense of the country in the Army or Navy, and who are otherwise qualified voters, will be allowed to vote in the election precincts in which they may be found on the day of election.

VII. The commissioners of election appointed to superintend the polls at the election of the State officers February 22, 1864, are authorized and directed, in the absence of others, to fulfill and discharge all the duties of commissioners of election in their respective precincts for this election.

VIII. The commissioners of election at any election precinct are authorized to administer the oath of allegiance, as prescribed by the President, to any person otherwise qualified to vote, and the register the name of such voter in New Orleans, where a register is required, at any time before the polls are closed on the day of election.

IX. The commissioners in the several parishes will make prompt returns of the votes given to the sheriff of the parish, as provided by law, or in his absence to the provost-marshal, who will immediately return the same to the Secretary of State, in the same manner and form as for members of the General Assembly.

X. The sheriffs of the several praises, and in their absence the provost-marshals, will take especial care that the polls are properly