War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0167 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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upon their estates, and to transmit the same to the provost- marshal of the district. In the employment of hands the unity of families will be secured as far as possible.

VIII. All questions between the employer and the employed, until other tribunals are established, will be decided by the provost-marshal of the police district, subject to appeal to the higher authorities.

IX. Sick and disabled persons will be provided for on the plantations to which they belong, except such as may be received in establishments provided for them by the Government at the freedmen's home farms,which establishments shall be under the exclusive control and direction of the respective superintendents thereof, and all commanders of military forces stationed thereon will see that all proper military protection is afforded, and will aid in carrying out the police regulations thereof as desired by the superintendents.

X. The unauthorized purchase of clothing or other property from laborers will be punished by fine and imprisonment. The sale of whisky or other intoxicating drinks to them or other persons, except under regulations established by the commander of the district, will be followed by the severest punishment.

XI. The possession of arms or concealed or dangerous weapons, without authority, will be punished by fine and impressment.

XII. Laborers shall render to their employer, between daylight and dark, ten hours in summer and nine hours in winter, of respectful, honest, faithful labor, and receive therefor, in additional to just treatment, healthy rations, comfortable clothing, quarters, fuel, medical attendance, and instruction for children, wages per months as follows, end of the year, and lessees will discourage all payment of monthly wages as far as it can be done without discontent, and reserve the same as above stated: The minimum wages for males over fourteen years of age, and competent to do a well man's work, $10 per month; for females over fourteen years of age, and competent to do a well woman's work, $7 per month; children from twelve to fourteen years of age, inclusive, and of those too feeble to earn full wages, half the above amounts will be paid, or a specified amount to be agreed upon by the employer and the employed, subject tended t of the freedmen's home farm nearest thereto. Engineers and for men, when faithful in the discharge of their duties, will be paid such additional sums as shall be agreed upon and approved by the proper home farm superintendent. This schedule of wages may be commuted by agreement between the employer and the employes, subject to approval as above. Wages will be deducted in case of sickness, and rations also when sickness is feigned. Indolence, insolence of orders, and crime will be suppressed by forfeiture of pay--such forfeitures to go to the fund for the support of the helpless freed people--and such punishments as are provided for similar offenses by Army Regulations. Sunday work will be avoided when practicable, but when necessary will be considered as extra labor, and paid at the rates specified herein.

XIII. When laborers are furnished with employment they will be held to their engagement for one year, under the protection of the Government. In cases of attempted imposition, by feigning sickness or stubborn refusal of duty, they will be turned over to the provost-marshal of the police districts for labor upon the public works without pay.