War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0157 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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basis of the total enrolled of first and second classes in the manner heretofore explained.

Second. You will also by the same rule and process ascertain the proportions for the several sub-districts of the number of volunteers (as above, 483) not heretofore credited up to January 31. Others not heretofore credited are now to be considered for the several sub-districts and credited accordingly, as follows:

Third. The number recruited directly for the sub-districts prior to 1st of February, as heretofore (8th of February) sent you from this office, and repeated as follows:

Sub-district. Country Number

First McCracken 1

Eighth Crittenden 304

Eleventh Lyon 75

Twelfth Caldwell 71

Thirteenth Trigg 71

Fourteenth Marshall 1

Tenth Livingston 11

All other






Fourth. The number of recruits made at these headquarters in the several sub-districts in February, viz: All sub-districts, none.

Fifth. Any and all recruits that have been enlisted and mustered by you during the month of February you will also add to the number to be subtracted from the whole quota, thought the reports tri-monthly may have been forwarded to these headquarters.

Sixth. The number of veterans recruited at this office for the several sub-districts, for which the sub-district will, in like manner as above, be credited as follows: All sub-districts, none.

The numbers obtained under the second head and shown under the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth heads for each of the several subdistricts, as obtained under the first head. The remainder will be the number subject to draft in the several sub- districts.

You will please make out the quota of the sub-districts without the least delay, and report them with all the figures and particulars, as soon as made, to this office in duplicate.

I am, captain, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Fifteenth U. S. Infty, A. A. P. M. G. for Kentucky.

MEMPHIS, TENN., March 7, 1864-10 a. m.

Honorable EDWIN M . STANTON,

Secretary of War:

Mr. Mellen has just arrive, and I proceed with him to Vicksburg in an hour. Of colored troops at this place there are two regiments of heavy artillery, aggregate, 2,284; one light battery, 98; three regiments of infantry, 2,901; grand aggregate, 5,2;83. As these regiments have remained here during the absence of General Sherman's command, I cannot account for the report made at Washington that there