War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0146 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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dier presents himself the premium of $2 will be paid to him by the recruiting officer.

The term "veteran" in the above case is intended to apply to those soldiers of the regular service only who have served out their full term of enlistment and who may re-enlist.


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Washington, March 1, 1864.

1. Pursuant to section 24 of the act approved February 24, 1864, amendatory of the act of March 3, 1863, boards of enrollment in districts in which there are any colored persons held to service will without delay proceed to enroll all such persons as are liable to military duty.

2. Enrolling officers will conduct the enrollment in the manner prescribed by existing orders and regulations and such other directions as the acting assistant provost-marshals-general of the States may give.

3. Enrollment lists will be made upon the printed forms (Nos. 35 and 36), altering the heading to suit, and in the column headed "Former military service" the name of the person to whom service is owed will be written.

4. A list, with a recapitulation of the number enrolled, will be made for each sub-district, and as soon as the enrollment of the district is completed these lists will be forwarded to the acting assistant provost-marshal-general for transmission to the Provost-Marshal-General. Copies of the list will be kept in the offices of the district provost-marshal. Those lists by sub- districts will not be consolidated.

5. The provost-marshal will furnish each person to whom the persons owe service a list of those owing service to him who have been enrolled, specifying their names, ages, and date of enrollment.

6. It is made the duty of the acting assistant provost-marshal- general to superintend this enrollment, and to give such orders and directions as may be necessary to make it accurate and complete.



NOTE.-Amended circular-The one of the same number previously issued to be destroyed.

HARRISBURG, PA., March 1, 1864.

His Excellency A. LINCOLN,

President of the United States:

I regret to learn from Mr. Stevens that there is danger that the bill to refund money to the citizens of this State [who] paid militia last summer is in danger in the House, and that it may be before it to-morrow.

This money was advanced to pay debts of the United States incurred in the actual defense of the country and the enforcement of the laws.