War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0045 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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are, half rations will be issued; and to women and children, roasted rye coffee at the rate of ten pounds, or tea at the rate of fifteen ounces, to every 100 rations.

By order of the Secretary of War:


Assistant Adjutant-General.



Washington, January 25, 1864.

To provide for the discharge and rhymester of veteran volunteers in certain cases which may arise in the respective States, the following regulations are announced for the information and guidance of all concerned:

1. Enlisted men away from their respective regiments or companies on recruiting service, at a draft rendezvous or on other detached service, which prevented them from being discharged and remustered with their proper commands in the field, may be discharged and remusteres in their respective States; provided they were placed on the aforesaid detached duty by the order of the department, army, or corps commander to which their regiments or companies belong, or in which they were serving at the date the order detaching them was issued.

2. Enlisted men who were not within the re-enlistment limits at the time their commands were furloughed, and who, in consequence of a declaration of intention to re-enlist, were permitted to go on furlough with their commands, may, upon their coming within the limits (i.e., have served two years), be discharged and remustered in the States.

3. Enlisted men who were on furlough in the States prior to their companies or regiments being sent thereto, will, at the expiration of their furloughs, be returned promptly to the armies in which their commands served, there to be discharged and remustered as veterans, if they are entitled to it.

4. Enlisted men other than the foregoing, such as sick and convalescents in hospitals, stragglers, those irregularly detached from their companies and regiments, &c., will, in no case, be discharged and remustered.

Commanders and other officers under whose control such persons may be will take immediate measures to return them, at the earliest possible date, to the armies to which their regiments and companies belong, there to be discharged and remustered, if entitled to it. If returned and remustered prior to March 1, 1864, they will receive increased veteran bounties as now authorized.

5. The regulations as set forth in General Orders, No. 359, series of 1863, will be applicable to the discharges and remusters as herein authorized, the chief mustering officer for the State and his assistants performing the duties assigned the commissaries and assistant commissaries of musters. In so far as relates to the appointment of a recruiting officer, the chief mustering officer will act, as set forth for a regimental commander (paragraph 4).

Rolls must be promptly forwarded as directed in paragraph 15, Mustering Regulations.


Assistant Adjutant-General