War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0040 CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.

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Will also, in all cases where the provost-marshals of the district in which they are recruiting notify them that they have men who desire to enlist into the Regular Army, proceed to their offices, and make out and complete their papers; but the transfer of men from the volunteer service into the Regular Army after they have been definitely enlisted into the volunteer service is contrary to law.

III. The following instructions, concerning credits of regular soldiers on the quotas of States and towns, are furnished for the information and guidance of officers recruiting for the Regular Army in the field:

Recruits will be credited to the localities from which they receive local bounties, provided their enlistment papers show them enlisted as of said localities.

Soldiers re-enlisting will be credited to the localities to which the re-enlistments show them as belonging. They will be allowed to select the places from which they prefer to re-enlist, and that selection will determine the quotas on which they will be credited.

Monthly lists will be forwarded to this office of all the men who may enlist or re-enlist, specifying their names, districts of enrollment, and States. You will also forward monthly lists, specifying their names, districts of enrollment, towns, and counties from which they may enlist or re-enlist, to the Governors of the State to which they may belong.

IV. Superintendents will make up from the records of their office (as soon as possible) separate lists for each State of all the men enlisted into the Regular Army, by the recruiting officers under their command,in each State, from September 3, 1862, to January 1, 1864, giving the names of the men, and, wherever they can do so, the districts in which they were enlisted,and send them to the Governor of the respective States. They will also hereafter make consolidated tri-monthly reports to the Governors of the respective States of the men enlisted into the Regular Army, by the recruiting officers under their command,in each State, giving the names of the men, the State, district of enrollment, town, and county in which they were enlisted.

These reports will commence from January 1, 1864.

V. All recruiting officers will make their contracts for board and lodgings separately, and send their contracts for board direct to the Commissary-General of Subsistence, and for lodgings to this office.

To render those contracts valid, each sheet must have a 5-cent internal-revenue stamp attached.

VI. Disbursing officers of the funds for collecting,organizing, and drilling volunteers have been instructed to pay any one, citizen or soldier,the sum of $25 and $15 ($25 for a veteran and $15 for a raw recruit) who may present to them the certificate of a regular recruiting officer that they have furnished an accepted recruit to such officer.

The following is the form of certificate:



---- ----, 186-.

This is to certify that --- --- has presented --- ---, an accepted recruit, who has been enlisted this day into the military service of the United States, and is entitled to the premium of $---.

--- ---,

--- ---,

Recruiting Officer.

To --- ---,

Mustering and Disbursing Officer.