War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0031 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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expected. This result is of the most gratifying and auspicious character, but it requires no argument to prove that if the re- enlisted veterans are largely counted upon the quotas of the several States, that the Government will come far short of getting 300,000 additional men called for by the President and necessary for military operations during the next spring and summer. In this way another call by the President may become necessary, and in order to avoid the renewed liability of the State, and to render to the Government that full and complete support which is due from the State, I earnestly exhort the people of the various counties and townships yet in arrears to make all necessary exertions to furnish the number of volunteers required of them under the apportionment of the quota heretofore published. To do this will be the only security against a future draft. I trust the various recruiting officers, county and township authorities, and military committees will not relax in their exertions until the quota of the State has been completely filled by the enlistment of men within the State. It is much easier to do this now that at any future time, and the efficient support rendered to the Government and the example set before the Nation will be of the most salutary character.


Governor of Indiana.

NASHVILLE, January 14, 1864.


(Care of R. J. Meigs.)

In reference to the recent proclamation, before whom is the oath prescribed to be taken? Will persons who have been notoriously loyal have to take it in order to vote? The voters in March next should be put to the severest test. I am satisfied that a convention should be called which will put the State at once upon its legs and forever settle the slavery question. If it should be thought advisable, tow Senators could be appointed now who are sound as regards the slavery question and the Union. Will the Senate admit them? Public sentiment is becoming stronger every day for a restoration of the government. I would give some of the fault-finders to understand that the real Union men will be for Lincoln for President. The war must be closed under his Administration. I desire you to see the President in person and talk with him i regard to these matters. Steps should be taken at once in reference to the March elections. When I receive your reply I will let you know when I will be in Washington. I desire you to come to Nashville, for I will need you.


Military Governor.

SPRINGFIELD, ILL., January 15, 1864.


Several Illinois regiments, having re-enlisted, are en route home for reorganization. There are recruiting parties amounting to 700 officers and enlisted men here from regiments in the field, and who are under the orders of the superintendent of recruiting service; so I think that officer, who is also provost-marshal- general of the State, has all the business on his hands he can attend to until the 1st of March next. I desire to have these veteran regiments report to me, and their