War of the Rebellion: Serial 125 Page 0027 UNION AUTHORITIES.

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on file in the office of the adjutant-generals of their assistant at the different headquarters located in the State of Missouri, shall be open to the inspection of the General Assembly of Missouri, or of persons commissioned by it, and that copies of such records be furnished them when called for.

By order of the President:


Secretary of War.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington City, January 12, 1864.

Major General A. E. BURNSIDE,

New York:

The bill authorizing and extending the payment of bounties has passed Congress.


Secretary of War.

(Same to Governor O. P. Morton, Indianapolis, Ind.)

EXECUTIVE CHAMBER, Harrisburg, Pa., January 12, 1864.

Colonel J. B. FRY:

COLONEL: After my inauguration, which will occur on the 19th instant, and our Legislature gets under way, I will try to come over and see you in reference to the subject of recruiting in Pennsylvania. It is going on handsomely now, and as Congress has wisely extended the time for paying bounties, I have great hopes that we will do well. Will you please to so change the order to General Cadwalader to raise a regiment as to enlarge the services from the "city of Philadelphia" to the 'State of Pennsylvania?" I have written General Cadwalader and understand he desires such change in the order. I notice attacks on Colonel Bomford in a newspaper here and think I now understand the opposition to him. Bomford is an hone man and a true soldier. Before he is removed I beg the opportunity of seeing you; and although I do not ask to name his successor, I hope you will hear me on the subject. Could you not come here on the 19th and witness the ceremonies? I will be most happy to see you or Colonel Ruggles on such an occasion.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




Washington, January 13, 1864.

The following extract from General Orders, No. 21, dated War Department, July 27, 1853, is furnished for the information and guidance to all concerned:

The following regulations have been received from the War Department, and are published to the Army:

'Soldiers confined by civil authority are not entitled to pay during such confinement, unless discharged therefrom without trial, or by trial and acquittal; and commanders of companies and detachments are required to state explicitly