War of the Rebellion: Serial 124 Page 1198 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.

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House of Representatives; Honorable Henry C. Deming, House of Representatives; Honorable A. McAllister, House of Representatives; Honorable James A. Garfield, House of Representatives; Honorable M. F. Odell, House of Representatives; Honorable F. W. Kellogg, House of Representatives; Honorable J. W. Nesmith, U. S. Senate; Honorable William Sprague, U. S. Senate; Honorable Henry Wilson, U. S. Senate; Honorable J. M. Howard, U. S. Senate; Honorable E. D. Morgan, U. S. Senate; Honorable B. Gratz Brown, U. S. Senate; Honorable H. S. Lane, U. S. Senate.)



Washington, December 31, 1863.

A sufficient number of men for the Second Battalion companies of the Invalid Corps are being received by transfer from active regiments, and the enlistment of men for this battalion will be discontinued. Hereafter only those capable of performing duty in the First Battalion companies will be enlisted in the corps.

Recruiting officers will use the utmost diligence in obtaining recruits for the First Battalion of the corps, but will be careful to select men of good character, who fulfill the required conditions.



AUGUSTA, ME., December 31, 1863.

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

We have already volunteered two-thirds our quota, exclusive of re-enlistments in field. Sure of filling quota by little more time. Please extend time of draft in this State one month.



Consolidated abstract from returns of the U. S. Army for December 31, 1863.

Present for duty.


Command. Officers. Men. Aggregate te pre-

present. sent and


Department of the

Cumberland a 4,116 79,419 97,940 153,846


Department of the 295 6,090 8,014 9,673

East (Dix).

Department of the 2,290 42,101 52,431 75,221

Gulf (Banks).

Middle Department 352 6,975 8,985 10,749


Department of the

Missouri 1,685 38,741 50,374 66,370


Department of the

Monongahela 31 597 633 771


Department of New 107 2,053 2,797 3,802

Mexico (Carleton).

Department of the 208 3,703 5,148 5,671

Northwest (Pope).

Department of the 1,793 33,879 42,537 62,581

Ohio a (Foster).

Department of the 259 4,032 5,647 6,378

Pacific (Wright).

Department (or

Army) of the 3,703 78,011 94,151 146,208

Potomac (Meade).

Department of the 1,039 25,100 33,506 40,770

South (Gillmore).

Department of the

Susquehanna 185 2,957 3,823 4,150


Department of the

Tennessee a 4,305 76,594 99,398 132,928


Department of

Virginia and North 1,330 27,640 35,092 45,878

Carolina (Butler).

Department of 1,039 23,040 33,905 39,069

Washington (Augur)

Department of West 856 22,258 26,406 33,013

Virginia (Kelley).

Total. 23,593 473,190 600,787 837,078

a In the Military Division of the Mississippi under Grant. The strength of the Department of the Cumberland includes 17 officers at Grant's headquarters. The number in the military division was 10,214 officers and 189,892 men "for duty;" 239,875 "aggregate present," and 349,355 "aggregate present and absent."